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Traveling Abroad on a Shoestring Budget

It’s that final apprehensive click accompanied by hollowness in the pit of your stomach: am I really going through with this?
Buying an expensive plane ticket is terrifying, not to mention draining on your bank account, but not all traveling has to be 4-star hotel expensive.
Around the world, people have begun to open their homes to travelers looking to save a buck and make new friendships along the way. Using couchsurfing.com you can fill out a profile in just minutes and search for hosts in cities across the world. Each host generally should have references from past couch surfers and lengthy profiles to give a good idea of who they are. If you find someone that looks interesting and trustworthy, you can exchange messages and secure a place to stay. So if you are looking for an adventure, have an open agenda, and want to avoid high hotel prices, give this reliable site a try.
Yes you might get dirty – but if you are looking for free food and accommodation than look into organic farming through WWOOF.org world wide opportunities on organic farms. A world wide network of organizations that links travelers with organic farmers, this is a great way to travel on a budget, meet people from around the world, get some dirt under your fingernails and learn about organic farming.

Two summers ago looking for a cheap vacation, my girlfriends and I woofed at a bohemian barn just outside of Stockholm, Sweden. Our days consisted of strawberry and blueberry picking as we walked down to the lake where we would then take a rest, lie out and take a swim. Afterwards we would come back to the farm for a big lunch and either weed plants or cook. At the farm we made some lifelong friends, had one of the best summers to date, and made promises of returning. It was amazing!
So instead of letting the expensive flights deter you from taking a vacation, look into opportunities like couchsurfing and wwoofing to have an experience you are sure not to forget! 

Photos by: Elizabeth Briggs

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