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Top Four Things to do in Portland

Going home for break and then coming back to college is always a bittersweet experience. While I love my life in Salt Lake City and my many friends and acquaintances, I definitely miss my friends and family back home. However, being away from home makes me appreciate where I’m from far more than I ever did when I lived at home. In honor of my home, Portland, Oregon, here are the top four things to do on your next trip to the Pacific Northwest!

1) Go to Powell’s Books

This one is for all you book lovers out there! Powell’s Books is an independent local book company that was started in Portland in 1971 and has been a staple of Portlandia ever since. The downtown location situated on Burnside is about five stories and, spanning almost an entire city block, is home to over one million new, used, and rare books. It’s really easy to spend an entire afternoon wandering through this wonderful place. As an added bonus, the prices are a lot cheaper than you’re likely to find in other shops.

2) Experience the True Tastes of Portland

There are virtually unlimited places to find tasty eats in the Portland Metro Area. It’s worth visiting “Cartlandia” and try one of the many food carts that makes Portland famous. If you’re looking for something sweet, there’s the famous Voodoo Doughnuts which, despite being overrated in my opinion, is sure to spice up your Insta. If you are looking for something to drink, check out one of the many microbreweries and pubs that can be found in Portland. I particularly recommend one of the many unique McMenamins locations for beer or ale, or The Portland Cider Company for hard cider. Both these places are also open to minors and have delicious food options.

3) Visit the Historic Sites

There are a wide variety of historic places in the Portland Metro area. You could visit the beautiful Pittock Mansion and its gardens or even just get some exercise exploring some of the lovely historic neighborhoods. If you are willing to leave the city itself, a 30-minute drive can deliver you to the honest-to-God End of the Oregon Trail (that is, if you don’t die of dysentery first). After visiting the little museum, you can spend some time exploring Oregon City itself, which was the 2018 Great American Main Street Award Winner (and the place where I grew up).

4) Go to the Saturday Market

If you happen to be in Portland when it is in season, the Saturday Market is always a good time. Located off the river, you can peruse local vendors, eat delicious food, and listen to local musicians.

Did I make you want to visit Portland? I hope so!

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