Top 5 Places to Eat on Campus

The University campus is huge. Let’s be honest here… walking to and from class can be exhausting! I don’t know about you, but all that walking and learning makes me hungry. Here are the best places to grab a bite to eat on campus.


1. Starbucks

This one’s a classic, if a little spendy at times. Starbucks is a fast way to grab food on your way to class. I recommend the eggnog latte for the winter months.Image result for starbucks eggnog latte


2. Hot Banh Food Truck

This food cart is super fast and efficient and has really good Vietnamese cuisine. The pho is a great way to warm up on a blustery day, but my favorite is the banh mi sandwich. You can find them outside of the Gardner Commons/Marriott Library. 

Image result for banh mi

3. Tandooria Food Cart

If you’re in the mood for a quick bite of carbs, their rice dishes are amazing!

Image result for tandooria rice bowl

4. Crimson View Restaurant

If you’re looking for a sit-down place to relax, the Crimson View Restaurant is here for you. Crimson View has a variety of different types of food and a terrific window overlooking the valley.Image result for crimson view restaurant


5. The Pie Pizzeria

It may not be on campus, but its close proximity makes it the perfect place to chill out after taking a stressful test. (Finals are coming, after all…) The atmosphere is lively while still allowing you to lie-back. I suggest “The Greek” pizza! They even have vegan options!Image result for the pie pizzeria


Hopefully one of these five suggestions will satisfy your cravings after a long day of walking from class to class. Happy dining, collegiates!

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