The Top 10 Trends From New York's Spring/Summer 2020 Runways

When Marc Jacobs took a bow after showing his collection Wednesday night, fashion week was officially over.

Every year, thousands flock from every corner of the earth to catch a glimpse at all of the new trends and styles prepared by fashion houses in each of the major fashion hubs of the world. After Tom Ford, Chairman of the Council of Fashion Designers of America, decided to cut shows and slash the schedule to squeeze fashion week into only six days, panic ensued as designers, makeup artists, stylists and models attempted to work around new schedules. While some suspected that the serious deviation from the original schedule may ruin the entire event, New York did not disappoint. 

While some of the trends were completely expected for spring and summer (i.e. florals), others were happy surprises for the coming fashion season. The biggest takeaway from the runways for Spring 2020? This coming season is all about standing out and not fitting in.

  1. Fringe 

Fringe has made its way back onto the runway. Taking inspiration from cowboy culture, the trend ranges from casual fringe on the back yoke of a moto jacket to full-fledged fringe city. Affair took an interesting angle with the trend, creating a look reminiscent of Chanel in Fox’s Scream Queens, a sartorial comedy. And while the Affair’s look might be more appropriate for a red carpet or a more fashion forward event, Alejandra Alonso Rojas took the trend and made it understated, yet beautiful. 

Look by Alejandra Alonso Rojas. 

2. Neon 

While neon may have seemed like it was going away for a second, its back and its here to steal the show. This season, designers have delivered full-fledged neon highlighter. While the trend may have seemed more Instagram than runway, even Tom Ford dipped his toes into neon. Ford, known for his clean lines and classic silhouettes, really stepped out of his norm with this look. 

Look by Tom Ford. 

3. Americana 

Cowboys, cherry pie, and rock’n’roll were all references included on runways to American culture this New York Fashion Week. Jonathan Cohen blended three different trends in a piece for his spring/summer collection. The dress, an original take on the American flag, included neon, Americana, and fringe trends. Michael Kors presented a collection focused on American culture and politics. Pieces included looks inspired by the 1940s and a cashmere sweater with the word emblazoned “hate” crossed out on the front. 

Look by Jonathan Cohen. 

4. 80s 

Fashion is obsessed with looking back into our past. And that’s exactly what happened on the runways this season. There was no lack of big-shouldered suits, ruffles, high volume formal evening wear, and metallic mini dresses. Jeremy Scott went absolutely crazy with it - including a look that’s left me stuck between “I want to pluck my eyes out” and “I’m confused." Even Tory Burch, with their classic pieces, went all in to this trend, pointed shoes and unnecessarily large shoulders included. 

Look by Jeremy Scott. 

5. Polka Dots 

Thought polka dots have always been a staple print in fashion, the motif took a backseat as we all turned to animal prints and trending colors like slime green and millennial pink. When the polka dotted dress from Zara went viral this summer, it was expected that we’d see a lot more of the classic print on the runways this season. Carolina Herrera delivered with a tulle dress that reminds me of a bumble bee in the best possible way.

Look by Carolina Herrera

6. Platform Shoes 

What, did you expect the platform shoe trend to just disappear? Matthew Adams Dolan featured platform Tevas. Yes, Tevas. And then there were the sculptural Ugg clogs showcased at the Eckhaus Latta. In terms of this trend coming to life off the runways, I’d expect a lot more of the popular Steve Madden platform sandal that’s been seen on the feet of everyone from sorority girls grabbing coffee with friends to models making their way around the city. 

Shoes by Teva for Matthew Adams Dolan

7. Strappy Sandals

While chunky shoes that make a statement definitely aren't disappearing any time soon, you may have to get ready to switch them out occasionally next spring. Big, chunky shoes are being traded in for dainty, strappy sandals. They made their debut at Ulla Johnson and Brandon Maxwell, proving to be a great alternative. 

Shoes by Brandon Maxwell

8. Chunky Sneakers

Though there were still a lot of chunky sneakers prevalent on the runway this season, it seems their popularity has declined some. Pyer Moss debuted some pretty large sneakers, and with the popularity of streetwear brands like Yeezy, don’t expect chunky and purposely ugly sneakers to go anywhere. If you’ve invested in a pair, they’re still good to go for a while. 

Shoes by Pyer Moss

9. Loafers

Remember those Gucci loafers everyone thought would be going out of style? Well, it’s time to get them back out of your closet if you bought them. Loafers are a classic for a reason, and they’re back this season for more. Tory Burch took a chapter out of Gucci’s book and went with a backless slide loafer and Michael Kors included them in his patriotic show, cherries included. 

Shoes by Tory Burch

10. Micro Handbags 

Ever since Fendi debuted micro handbags in 2015, its all people have been able to think about. While the micro handbag was originally presented as a bag charm to a regular bag, they’ve become strong enough to be able to stand on their own. Brandon Maxwell took the route of a clear bag, a trend which has definitely been popularized by Kim Kardashian’s wearing of clear boots with pretty much all of her outfits. Longchamp took the trend and made it even smaller, joining the memeable size of micro handbags created by Jacquemeus. 

Bag by Longchamp

From Americana to dad sneakers, all of these trends are vastly different. I'm excited to see how all of these different trends play out as they move from the runways in New York to street style in every day life. Regardless of your personal style, I'm sure you'll find one or two trends that you'd like to play with this coming spring and summer. Tag me in your photos on Instagram if you do try them, @stephrosiles. Happy styling!

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