Top 10 Romantic Comedies to Brighten Your Day

Romance and laughter after definitely the best things this life has to offer. Why not combine the two? Romantic comedies will make you tender and lighthearted at the same time, and these shows will definitely brighten your day. Try watching one with your significant other, or just relax with one while taking a bath! Romcoms are great for all moods, and will (hopefully) revive your belief in true love.

  1. Isn't It RomanticImage result for Isn't it romantic

This newcomer to the romcom scene will give you the giggles and leave you with that warm fuzzy feeling we all crave. Rebel Wilson's character gets sucked into a magical romcom world… How will she cope? Between making fun of cliches and jokes every girl will understand, this show should be fun for every audience. 

2. HitchImage result for Hitch

This one is a total classic. Will Smith plays a debonair playboy who's made a living out of being a “love doctor” awkward guys. When he tries to extend his professional expertise to his personal life, things can't seem to go quite right.

3. Princess BrideImage result for princess bride

Now, this one may not be a “classic” romcom type movie, but it's romance will give you hope for the future and it's jokes will keep you going on a hard day. Watch this to finally understand the quotes you've been hearing your whole life.

4. His Girl FridayImage result for his girl friday

Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell (stars of the 40’s) give a rousing performance as two news writers trying to crack a murder case. Their spunky relationship never ceases to entertain, even after all these years.

5. It Happened One NightImage result for it happened one night

Who says old movies aren't still relevant...What happens when a spoiled socialite runs away, and ends up in the arms of a cryptic newspaperman? Is he helping her for the story, or for his heart? Watch to find out! 

6. SabrinaImage result for sabrina movie 1995 vs 1954

There are two delightful versions to choose from for this movie. But then again, who can choose between watching Audrey Hepburn play a naive chauffeur's daughter and Harrison Ford playing an attractive millionaire? Why not get the best of both worlds and watch both versions!

7. Bride and PrejudiceImage result for bride and prejudice movie

This Bollywood adaptation of Jane Austen's comic tale will definitely give you hope in the male species, as well as provide catchy tunes to tap your feet to. Imagine Austien-age dancing...and add India!

8. My Man GodfreyImage result for my man godfrey

This is a classic you cannot miss. It's my personal favorite, and definitely amazing. William Powell (a 1930’s classified hottie) plays a homeless man given a job as a butler in the frivolous Bullock household. Who will make goin' go crazier -- the love-swooned lady of the house or the jealous sister?

9. TootsieRelated image

Dustin Hoffman is at his best in this hilarious and progressive film. Hoffman plays an actor who decides to dress as a woman to get a part in a TV show. Little did he know that he would soon fall for the leading lady...while in a dress. This movie discusses issues of sexism in film, and is heart-wrenching while still being cleverly witty.

10. Much Ado About NothingImage result for much ado about nothing movie

In this retelling of Shakespeare's famous play (produced by Kenneth Branagh, directed by Kenneth Branagh, and starring Kenneth Branagh), spirited Beatrice must look forces with her enemy Benedick (Branagh) to help the betrayed Hero, Beatrice's cousin. If you like all-star casts and Shakespeare at his finest, this is the movie for you!

Romantic comedies are often made fun of in modern culture, but really, what is wrong with getting a dose of humanity and happiness at the same time? Romcoms can give you a pick-me-up any time of the week. Go watch your movies with pride!

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