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Top 10 Activities to Keep You Happy and Sane During Quarantine

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Utah chapter.

Let’s be honest…we’re all going a little crazy right now. The news is terrifying, school is stressful, and we can’t even visit our friends! However, it is possible to make it through this pandemic with your sanity intact. Try some of these activities to get you through the day!

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Take walks

It’s very easy to stay inside when you have no place to go. However, shutting yourself up inside is going to wreak havoc on your mental health. Going for daily walks to get some sunlight will do wonders for your mood and will keep you from going insane.

Try cooking something new

Cooking or baking a new or complicated recipe will take up time, and make your day less monotonous. Plus, it has the added benefit of feeding you in the end! Try making pasta from scratch, baking an apple pie, or making a stir fry.

Try drawing or doodling. 

No artistic talent? No problem! There are many drawing tutorials available on YouTube to make you look like a pro. Worst comes to worst you can trace cartoons off of your iPad. Putting your work on display, even if it’s just on the fridge, will give you a sense of accomplishment.

Try embellishing objects around the house. 

Is your lampshade looking boring? Hot glue some ribbon onto it! T-shirt looking basic? Try sewing some flowers into the hem! There are many things you can do that are better for your mental health than staying on TikTok.

Take up yoga or jogging.

When you’re feeling anxious or depressed, exercise is usually the last thing you want to do. However, exercise is guaranteed to make you feel better. Exercising can also help you feel tired enough to get a good night’s rest. 

Set up a Zoom hangout shesh.

We’re practicing social distancing, not social isolation. Your friends and support networks are still available to you. Start up a weekly hang-out sesh with your friends to play a game or just chat.

Teach your grandparents how to teleconference.

Warning: this may take a while. Just because you can’t risk visiting your elderly relatives doesn’t mean you can’t stay in contact. Try teaching your grandparents how to use Skype or Zoom. This may take several hours, depending on their technological expertise, but it will be worth it to see their faces again.

Try out a new outfit or cosplay. 

Many things are getting canceled because of the quarantine, but that doesn’t mean you don’t get to look fabulous. Try DIYing a costume of your favorite character, or just get super dressed up and do your makeup for no reason at all. Looking and feeling confident will help you cope with these stressful times. 

Try sewing some fabric masks.

If you have a sewing machine available, sewing masks out of spare material can be a productive way to fill the day. You can also decorate them with sparkles and ribbons if you want to. There’s no reason person protective equipment shouldn’t be fashionable. 

Learn how to dance.

Have a partner or roommate? Watch a tutorial on ballroom. Alone in the house? Try learning a tap routine. Dancing is great exercise, and you’ll also be learning a new skill!

These are crazy times, but we can stick it out together. Try to keep yourself sane during quarantine. You can make it through this.   

Hello! I am a junior studying Peace & Conflict Studies and Strategic Communication at the University of Utah. I am also minoring in Political Science. I am passionate about advocacy, education, and Star Trek!
Her Campus Utah Chapter Contributor