The Time for Diversity in the Workforce is Now

Women make up more than half of the U.S. population, but make up less than 50 percent of the workforce. At the same time, the growing percentage of women that are part of the workforce are responsible for a little more than 50 percent of the increase in the labor force after 2008. While women continue to take over and prove themselves, a majority of them are being undermined in their places of work. Not only have women begun to rebel against their oppressors, but they have made changes and continue to make history in the process. But while gender diversity is increasing, racial diversity remains at a standstill. Fewer employers are prioritizing racial diversity, despite nearly 100 percent of employers agreeing that both gender and racial diversity is better for business.     

Women of color have less chance of being promoted to a higher position than men and pregnant women are overlooked for jobs, often despite being overqualified for the position. This only certifies the concept of inequality. Women are misrepresented as underqualified and over-emotional. These stereotypes lead to the discrimination of all women. This inequality extends from opportunities that will help women grow in their career to how much they are paid.

For little girls, being able to see women in high paying jobs builds self-esteem and confidence. Having both racial and gender diversity as well as inclusion helps promote equality and opportunities. This gives future generations a chance to succeed and tear down the barriers blocking women from obtaining hundreds of opportunities. Being inspired by having a role model that I can look up to in my future career is an incredible feeling.

Creating more opportunities for women of different races decreases the idea of competition among the same gender. The idea of competition not only harms a person’s mental health, but also dismisses female emotions. Instead of promoting competition between women, we should instead promote opportunities and equality. To be able to work in a healthy environment where one's ideas are heard and aren't disregarded should always be prioritized. A society where women in the same field insult and tear each other apart just promotes bullying and insecurity. The success of one woman should be the success of all women.

Racial and gender diversity promote ideas and creativity. People from different cultures and heritages bring solutions and problem solving that would never pop up in a group of people with the same mentality and/or ideology.

Women have proven to be problem solvers, CEOs, entrepreneurs, and innovators. We have the potential to overcome and accomplish the unthinkable.


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