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Thoughts Everyone Has While Cleaning Their Room


1.     How did I let it get THIS bad?

2.     I’m going to clean it and keep it clean this time.

3.     Well maybe… we’ll see how it goes.

4.     Wow that’s where all our dishes went.

5.     EW there’s mold I’m just going to throw these in the garbage, no one will notice.

6.     All of my yearbooks!

7.     Now is a good time for a break right?

8.     Yep, sophomore year was definitely my awkward stage.

9.     I can’t believe I still have all of these.

10.  Ok, back to my mess.

11. I’m too overwhelmed, how much is a maid?

12. $75 an hour?! I guess I’m on my own.

13. This smells clean, but I’m out of hangers. Dirty hamper it is.

14. Where did my phone go?

15. Do I really need 7 pairs of sweatpants?

16. I’ll probably use them someday. I’ll keep them all just in case.

17. I don’t know how all of my clothes ever fit in this closet.

18. I am literally making no progress.

19. Oh, I still have homework…


20. Lol, mom is never getting this top back.

21. I swear if I have to listen to another massage therapy ad on Pandora I will scream.

22. I can donate this…

23. …Eh, nevermind its still pretty cute.

24. Ok, I cleared the bed. Time for the floor.

25. I can’t do this.

26. Maybe I will finish tomorrow.

27. Ugh no I have to get this done.

28. This is a great song I’m definitely buying it now.

29. Wow when was the last time I got new music?

30. *Downloads 20 songs.*

31. Yes, new music to clean to now I’m pumped.


32. These are definitely not mine. *Throws into hall.*

33.  I’m actually making progress! Dad would be so proud.

34. I’m going to send him a picture.

35. Do I have to organize it for it to count as cleaning?

36. No, this is good I’m going to call day.

37. I will never let it get that bad again… I hope. 

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