Things To Remember When Your Heart Hurts

Unhappiness is an imminent byproduct of existing, and if our hearts didn’t hurt then we would lose what makes us human. Life is sad, however that would be silly to think you have to act accordingly in response. People like to assume that if you’re not happy, you’re sad - and vice versa. Whoever predetermined that you have you have to be assigned an extreme in each emotion is wrong. There’s a temperate place in between where you may be at limbo, and your heart is a little pensive and a little somber, yet not quite depressed. That’s when you heart hurts the most because uncertainty is the most discouraging thing. Nothing is amiss for feeling that way, but there’s always a couple things you should keep in mind when you’re experiencing heart cramps.

To begin with, recognize you’re not the only one feeling this way. There are bounties of people on this planet that feel just as you do. Though they may not be encountering the exact same life situations, their heart hurts just as much in a different way. The intensity of life experiences and circumstances may vary from person to person, but emotions and feelings are universal. There is strength in numbers and strength in knowing someone else shares your sentiment.

Second, take each day one at a time. How impossible is it to try to carry the whole weight of the world on your shoulders? Take on the world each day in bits and pieces. Making today bearable is the first step in making tomorrow manageable. It’s easy to stew over things you can’t control, but what good ever came out of life that was easy? Your heart may be hurting now, but who knows what the future has in store for it. Rome wasn’t built in a day, so what makes anyone think they can fix all their problems in twenty-four hours?

Third, your wounded soul won’t feel like this forever. Your mundane purgatory is all but ticking, and eventually you’ll reach a point in your life where you’ll feel satisfied. It may not be today or tomorrow, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen. There is no appointed magical revolutionary moment where you suddenly realize that you feel full again. More so, it is a gradual building up of all the collected moments that make you remember who you are. Patience is a cliche but valuable virtue that cannot be taught, but learned.

Fourth, the adversity you’re experiencing isn’t all for not. If you were constantly experiencing ups or constantly experiencing downs, than there wouldn’t be a reliable baseline for our emotional spectrum. We were given the ability to experience emotions because it gives us our humanity. You have to be a little lost before you find yourself because discovering who you are is the most pivotal point in discovering who you want to be. Having a hurting heart is all a part of the bigger picture, and you got to trust it.

Fifth, find harmony in your discontent. Do not attempt to ignore it, nor should you trick yourself into a false pretense that everything is okay. You cannot find peace by avoiding life, but you can find tranquility in encountering it. Acknowledge how you really feel and accept it. Let me specify that you should not let this grandly affect your attitudes toward your loved ones. Don’t let yourself be emotionally exuberant for attention, use common sense to understand that you don’t have to be a radiating beam of sunshine, or on the flipside you don’t need to act like a gloomy guppy. Finding a middle ground is so important.

Most importantly of all, it gets better. The way you are feeling now is not eternal, and the in-between apprehension you’re experiencing is all but fleeting. You may have been feeling like this for a week, or a couple months. Each person is different, and it’d be absurd to assume everyone reaches the same point at the same time There is an expiration date for heartache, we are just oblivious as to when it is for each individual

There is no diagnosis for a hurting heart, which is probably why it makes it so hard pinpoint the cause and treatment. Maybe you’re dissatisfied with how life is going, or someone broke your heart, or you’re just feeling mediocre - whatever the reason, don’t worry. Though you shouldn’t feel like you are required to receive someone’s validation, there is comfort in knowing you have sympathizers.