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The Ultimate Guide to Jackson, Wyoming in the Winter — Things to Do Besides Skiing

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Utah chapter.

Jackson, Wyoming has become an increasingly popular tourist destination, in every season. In the summer, it is a hub for outdoor markets, live music, and a variety of festivals. In the winter, which spans from October to April, it is a go-to spot for skiing. However, there is a lot to do in and around the town, in the nearby Grand Teton National Park, and other outdoor recreational spaces besides skiing or snowboarding. The following is a list of some must-see sights and things to do in Jackson during the winter time! 

1. Taggart Lake Hike/Snowshoe in Grand Teton National Park 

This gorgeous 4 mile loop (which can also be completed as an out and back) boasts unparalleled views of the valley and uninterrupted sights of the mountainous Tetons. While snowshoes are recommended for the latter part of this hike, the first half of the trail is usually packed down enough by visitors to make the trek possible with hiking shoes and crampons.

2. National Museum of Wildlife Art 

This is the only museum of its kind in the United States. And it is a perfect place to spend a couple hours on a snowy or blustering day. There is a wide range of exhibits and beautiful depictions of local wildlife including mountain goats and elk. They also honor a student discount, so don’t forget your student ID!  

3.The National Elk Reserve 

Speaking of elk, the National Elk Reserve is just across the way from the National Museum of Wildlife Art. In the winter, there are horse drawn carriages that bring you up close and personal with these beautiful creatures. If a horse drawn carriage is not your thing, there are several lookout points around the edge of the reserve. Additionally, the National Museum of Wildlife Art generally has telescopes set up for indoor viewing of the elk. 

4.Moose Wilson Road Walk 

This packed and groomed trail located just outside of town is easily accessible and can be completed even in tennis shoes. The walk along the river with incredible views of the mountains is perfect for any age group. And as a bonus, there were plenty of dogs to pet along the trail and many wildlife sightings including ducks, geese, and even moose. 

5. Art Walk through Jackson

There are a plethora of art galleries housing a wide range of mediums such as sculptures, oil paints, and my personal favorite — photography — throughout the town. It is a joy to walk in and out of these galleries chatting with local art connoisseurs and learning about the work of the various artists. There is sure to be something for everyone to look at.

6. Jackson’s Local Coffee Shops

In many towns, the local coffee shops can be a hub of activity, and Jackson is no different. Cowboy Coffee and Snake River Roasting Company are some of the favorites. They both have delicious specialty drinks and while they have very different vibes, both are a cozy place to curl up and chat, read a book, or simply enjoy the atmosphere.      

7. Nightlife 

As is listed in almost every travel guide for Jackson, a visit to the Cowboy Bar is a must — if you are over 21, of course. They have live music nearly every night and it is a fun place to meet other people and play a friendly game of billiards. Additionally, on clear Thursday nights, there is free group stargazing in the Stilson Parking Lot put on by the Wyoming Stargazing group.   

Kayla is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Health and Kinesiology through the honors college and following a pre-Physical Therapy track. She hopes to travel the world one day and she currently loves to bake and hike in addition to photography and reading.