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Without a doubt in my mind, you or someone you know has probably attempted to manifest or religiously manifested for a greater benefit. Whether that be yourself or someone you know, why does manifestation really matter? I bet you’ve thought to yourself “does manifestation actually even work?” Well, the secret is out — it does, and here’s why.

Given the opportunity to adjust your life without having to shift any tangible part of it is a beautiful process within itself. The mind does so much more in assisting us with our reality than the average human believes it does. It’s all about your higher self and where you see them. Consider a person that is working their dream job at a big-time law firm. Before they even began working there, if they were able to see their future self working at a law firm and could visualize a life within that space, they’ve basically already manifested.

Manifestation comes in a variety of forms. This includes written manifestations such as journaling, verbal communication to yourself or others, mental visualizations, and visual or written storyboards. Choose whichever one speaks to you (you can choose multiple) and put yourself into a space that you could only imagine.

You are what you believe, and once you believe that, say goodbye to the life you have previously lived. Conscious thinking streams are what make up our reality — thus once you can believe you are in a different one, you are then manifesting and ultimately attracting that space to you. Without lifting a finger, manifestation allows us to transform the physical ground beneath us and create an ultimately more fulfilling life. Or a life that we have been dreaming of.

The importance behind this process boils down to happiness. Manifestation only does good for people who use it. Do not abuse this power for vein purposes or else karma will come right back around. Implanting this tool into your life little by little will create an unconscious stream of daily manifestations that you eventually don’t even notice. This then creates happier, healthier, and more fulfilling days without a conscious thought about your higher self.

Be specific and meaningful with your affirmations. An affirmation is an act of confirming something to be true. In other words, affirmations are quant manifestations that are used to promote greater self-qualities and outlooks. Find what you want to shift and intentionally rewire your neurons to believe that you are exactly who you want to be. That is the power of manifestation.

I'm a Junior at the University of Utah looking for journalism jobs possible to boost my resume. As I study the art of writing I am fascinated by the variety of expertise. I am fashion obsessed and would love to work within the fashion community one day. I am also the current project manager for HER Campus and love every second. As such, I hope to attend Parson's School of design and acquire a master's degree after my time here at the U. I enjoy taking writing courses, entrepreneurship courses, and ethical courses.