#Thanks UGurt for Letting me Pretend to Be Healthy

There is no denying the UGurt addiction at the University of Utah, rain or shine collegiettes' flock to the shop. Not only does UGurt offer amazing flavors and endless toppings but also the store is also ready to help you save money on your favorite dessert.

  • Monday Nights are Greek Night! Show off your Greek pride and get 15% off your yogurt!
  • Bring your U-ID in and get 10% off every time you go. Yes, every time.
  • Don’t forget the all important punch card…buy 10 get one free. Trust us you don’t want to lose that card.

If you aren’t already craving fro-yo let me sweeten your tooth a bit; UGurt has given me the strongest belief that by frequenting their store I am doing something good for my body and here is why:

To get to Ugurt I usually have to walk at least a solid hundred feet. It’s always so busy I can’t ever get a parking spot close enough. Thank you, UGurt, for encouraging me to exercise.

UGurt helps me with my decision-making skills. every time I go in there is always the battle of what flavor yogurt to get, from the new fudge brownie flavor that's rich with chocolate to the sweet mango sorbet, it's almost impossible to pick just four to put in my cup. Thanks to UGurt, I now have the ability to make that decision after only trying every flavor once. I used to be that person that tried flavors three or four times, but not any more. 

UGurt provides healthy toppings! As a college student, I make it my priority to solely live off pizza and ramen, but because of UGurt I now get my daily fruit intake from my toppings.

Thank you, UGurt, for forcing me to be healthy in college! There are, of course, a million other reasons to love UGurt, so take a study break, collegiettes' and stop by.