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LED teeth whitening options are a new, safe, and popular way to whiten your teeth. For a while, I have been searching for a whitening option that is good for my sensitive teeth, but also works well. I used white strips throughout high school, but I was always in a lot of pain after using them. The kind of pain where even breathing in air makes your teeth sting. My dentist told me it is quite common and that it results from teeth being very porous. The main ingredient that causes this sensitivity is hydrogen peroxide. I had heard of LED whitening options being less abrasive and more effective. However, there are so many options for kits and brands. Luckily, after doing some research, I found a great option: Glowup.


While doing research on various brands, I kept seeing reviews saying how Glowup worked for other peoples’ sensitive teeth. This convinced me, I checked out their website. The reason why Glowup is so great is because right when you create an account, you fill out a quiz about your teeth sensitivity and eating/drinking habits (I’m a huge coffee drinker). From there, they give you a customized formula made of three key ingredients tailored to you. For example, my three ingredients were sodium bicarbonate, menthol, and aloe vera. Notice how there’s no peroxide!


After you are given your formula, there are a few different options. There is a one-time kit purchase for $60, a subscription and kit for $30, and refill syringes for $20 if you already have your own LED tray. I opted for the subscription box, which included the LED tray and three syringes of my custom formula. In addition, they would send me three more syringes every 2 months as my subscription. You can also select how frequently you would like to be sent refills. The default is 2 months like I have, but you can also do every few weeks up to 4-5 months as well. The kit does come with instructions on how much formula to put in the tray and how long to keep it on for. I personally think it’s best to whiten teeth at night when you’re done eating for the day. If you’re a heavy coffee drinker like me, nighttime is also better because your teeth have hours of rest before you wake up and start drinking coffee again.


I have been using my whitening kit for about two months now, and I just received my first refill. I’m a strong believer in the fact that anything beauty related will not provide an instant fix. As any beauty routine goes, you must be consistent and give it a couple of uses to see results. Even in two months, I have seen great results, but it took around 3-4 uses until I started to see a major difference. And finally, I can confirm that their claims were true! I have had no sensitivity using the kit or with my formula. Another great part about Glowup is you can change your formula at any time if you feel that it’s too strong or too weak.


I am so glad I found something that worked for my sensitive teeth and was not very expensive! I highly recommend it! To start your whitening and take your personalized formula quiz, click here

I'm Anna and I am in the Chemical Engineering program at the U! I'm from Seattle, WA and came to Utah for school. Other organizations I am part of are ASUU, AIChE, SWE, the Utah Freeskier Society, and I'm a host at Porcupine!
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