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Technology and Today’s Dating Scene: The Dangers of Over-Communication

Dating is hard in today’s society; from the open dating culture to the wide range of “labels” you can put on your relationship with a significant other, it can be a lot to navigate. Technology is just another aspect of modern society that puts pressure and stress on relationships, no matter how serious they are. In addition to the stresses it puts on pre-existing relationships, it can also cause problems in casual connections such as with friends or acquaintances.

With the influence of texting and social media, relationships can truly suffer or become tense. Although it may seem on the surface that being in communication with your significant other even when they’re not right next to you might be a great thing, it can really be a detriment. It can become an easy way to keep tabs on your significant other and what they’re up to most of their day, which can become unhealthy. Additionally, the “mind games” that can be played over technology can really take a toll on people and their emotions. Even if some actions aren’t meant to intentionally create friction, they can be interpreted as deliberately malicious choices. An example is being left on open over snapchat, or on read by your significant other or even just someone you’re casually talking to. We have all been there: we send a message to someone we care about and they leave it on read. Our minds immediately come up with a million and one reasons as to why they would ignore us, when in reality they probably just got caught up with something. Instead of totally freaking yourself out and causing insecurities in the relationship, try to stay away from constantly checking your phone to see if the message was read or not. Try distracting yourself with work you have to catch up on or do some chores. Whatever you do, just don’t allow yourself to get worked up about it. It can cause unwanted friction and personal issues if you let yourself get caught up in it. Technology in that sense just gives additional stress to your life and creates the feeling that you are being ignored when that might not even be the case.

That being said, there are still some benefits that technology provides when it comes to our romantic relationships. The influence of technology on our connections with significant others can be beneficial, especially in the sense that it can maintain a bond over distance or in situations which might cause you to be apart from your partner for long periods of time. 

I’m not saying to completely get rid of technology in order to have a successful connection with someone; I’m just saying it’s important to find a balance in relationships when it comes to technology. It’s hard enough to balance everything going on in your life (especially in college), and the added stresses that come along with instant communication can really cause problems. Don’t get too caught up in the nitty-gritty issues that come along with technology and dating, just try to focus on communicating with your partner and keeping things positive. 

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