Tea for Every Occasion: A Basic Tea Lover’s Guide

As a long time tea lover, I have accumulated a list of brands of tea to swear by. And I know what you're thinking: "but coffee is so much better!" Sadly, I’ve never been a big fan of coffee, as even two sips of it lead to the inevitable caffeine crash and feelings of sluggishness. However, tea gets rid of that feeling. It’s a beverage that is soothing, beneficial, and exquisite all at the same time. Although it’s usually associated with old British grannies, it’s about time we get rid of that reputation. (Note: In no way am I a tea expert or pompous tea taster, these are just what I have come to like.)

1. Peppermint Tea

I love peppermint tea with all of my heart. Considered an herbal teal, the striking flavor and scent of the mint is already guaranteed to knock you off your feet. Pleasant and minty, peppermint tea is said to treat headaches, inflammation, sinus, and stomach problems. It is an overall immune booster. I mainly have peppermint tea during the Devil’s week. It helps relieve my cramps, so I don’t have to suffer.

2. Green Tea

Considered one of the healthiest beverages, green tea can have many potent effects on the body. It is a caffeinated drink, but contains much less than coffee. It is said to improve brain function, and can aid in losing weight. I drink green tea on a daily basis, because I’ve noticed it gives me energy, without making me jittery. It also makes me less bloated. It really is a miracle tea.

3. Fruit Tea

Tea doesn’t have to be bitter and bleak. Fruity teas are very popular, and they’re the perfect kick for a “sweet tooth” day. I’ve noticed that fruit teas already have enough natural sugar to them that there is no need to add extra. Whatever fruit you like, there’s a tea for it! Pro tip: fruity teas are best when served cold.

4. Sick Day Tea

Everyone gets sick (unless you’re a reptile in human skin) and popping pills is not always the way to go. Ta-da! There are so many herbal teas to choose (no matter what you're trying to cure yourself of.) Ginger tea helps with nausea and digestion. Slippery elm bark tea can relieve that sore throat. Adding a spoonful of honey or a bit of lemon to your favorite tea can also boost up that immune system. 

These magical beverages are here to support your wellbeing. Some of my favorite brands are Traditional Medicinals, Matcha Love, and Bigelow. Grab a tea for you and a tea for me.


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