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Tan France Gave Salt Lake a Chance and Loves it

Queer Eye for the Straight Guy made a more inclusive name by tiltling the reboot of the series Queer Eye. This inclusive title went right along with the new cast members, like Tan France. In the series that aired from 2003 to 2007, the cast members shared very little outside of their ideas heightened artistic senses. But now in the rebooted Queer Eye, we know who has a boyfriend, educated guesses are made on who is religious, and who wants/ has children. Many of the three million viewers may agree that the queer eyes in the show have extended beyond the screens and have laid out places to encourage conversations about homosexuality and to embrace individuality. Tan told the Salt Lake Tribune that, “We are there to change people’s opinions. To open their hearts an minds, and show them a version of gay men- gay life – that they’ve never seen before.” Tan’s fame has made him known nationally, but now his presence in the Salt Lake area is even more groundbreaking. 


Tan’s roommate while he lived in New York City was from Utah, so they would visit every so often. And as luck would have it, Tan met his match made in heaven (or Zion) while in Salt Lake. Tan and Rob matched online better than white sneakers with plaid dress pants. They met as many couples have now a day: through a dating app. Although the start of their relationship does not sound enchanting, their current status is far from mainstream. Elite Daily said that Tan was “Muslim immigrant from Britain and Rob is a Wyoming-born Mormon cowboy and illustrator living in Utah, which is not exactly the pairing you would expect to work”. Tan already had a fond connection with the city surrounded by mountains, but finding a love in that same city sold him on the place. In May of 2018 Tan tweeted “Home to Salt Lake and my husband. Heaven.” 


Tan also told the Salt Lake Tribune that he has many people come up to him and tell him that Queer Eye has become a family favorite and because of this Tan is the reason they are able to talk about their sexuality with their family. Tan doesn’t just give people tighter pants and a French tuck; he helps people feel comfortable in their own skin through fashion. His fame has risen all around the nation, but Tan France is one that Salt Lake can especially be proud of. 

I am a sophomore at the University of Utah. I enjoy snowy mountains and wearing green shoes.
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