Surviving Your First Haunted House

Haunted houses are one of the most fun things to do in the Halloween season. Here's how to make it through your first one like a pro. 

  1. 1. Expect to be scared

    Before going to a haunted house make sure you recognize that you will be scared and accept it. Being scared is not a bad thing in fact, the point of a haunted house is to feel a bit of fear. It can be fun to get your heart racing. Even the biggest thrill-seekers you know probably get scared at least momentarily in a good haunted house. Another way to expect fear is to anticipate being spooked before going around each corner. This can help you gain a sense of control when going through a haunted house. It’s important to remember that you are paying to be scared so you could argue that the more scared you are the more it was worth it. 

  2. 2. Smile

    If you tell yourself that it’s something you enjoy then you will like it more.  A great way to signal to your body that this is a fun experience is to smile.

  3. 3. Remember it's not real

    Sometimes it can be overwhelming in the excessively decorated haunted houses. There are loud noises, bad smells, and unidentifiable things touching you; this is all part of the fun. If you start to feel overstimulated, remind yourself that everything in the haunted house is fake. You can even try to identify the things you recognize. 

  4. 4. Hold someone's hand

    Definitely go to a haunted house with someone else or even a group. This will help you feel more comfortable. You can hold the hand of anyone you trust so that you know you won’t end up alone.

  5. 5. Work up to the bigger scares

    All haunted houses are created differently. If this is your first haunted house then I’d recommend starting with a haunted house that has no touching or separating. Many haunted corn mazes are a great way to start. Only do what you feel comfortable with.

  6. 6. Take deep breaths

    Many people hyperventilate when they feel fear. One way to keep yourself grounded in a haunted house is to take deep breaths. This can help you put things in perspective and slow your mind down.

Now you're ready for spooky season!

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