Survival Tips for Finals Week: Slow Down and Succeed

It’s finals season and there is no better reminder of that than our full calendars, lack of sleep, and millions of papers and exams. So how do you do it all? There seems to be some need as collegiettes to do it all and do it perfectly, but the fact is: that just isn’t possible. At some point you need to sleep, let yourself relax, and let's not forget just have some fun!

I don't know about you, but in my day-to-day activities don't include waking up at 6 AM for yoga class or taking a nap in the middle of the day just isn’t a reality. It is important to develop a good morning routine though, one that sets your day off on the right foot instead on one where you are half asleep and already late. Here are a few tips on starting your day:

Wake up with your alarm: Hitting snooze five times isn’t going to give you the sleep you need and will almost always lead to being late.

Drink water: Yes, I am addicted to coffee too, but try to at least have one big glass of water before getting out the door in the morning it will set you off on the right foot.

Make a to do list: Write down everything that you need to accomplish that day and then when you cross off that last thing at the end of the day you will feel so much better knowing you didn’t forget anything.

Make a weekly wants list: There are some things we want to do but they aren’t a necessity. I would suggest making a wants list that has events you would like to go to, items you want to purchase, extra credit opportunities etc. The best thing about this list is that it will help you weed out what really needs to be done and what you are just overloading yourself with.

It is important to take the time to do these things everyday because they are going to help you slow down and really focus on your work. The constant need to be completing multiple tasks at once leads to sloppy work and extra stress that just isn’t conducive to a healthy lifestyle. Now is the time to start working towards slowing down, even with finals. The more time you take to weed out the items and projects in your life that aren’t really important to you than the better you will do on the things that do matter!