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Super Bowl: Expectations versus Reality

The super bowl is basically a holiday; you get together with friends and family, eat good food, and have your own traditions. Whether you watch for the commercials, the half-time show or because your team is playing, all of America will be in front of a TV. Everyone choses a side and roots for their team. We all have been through this but we always seem to remember the super bowl differently than what actually happened.

Expectation: The super bowl will be fun to watch

Reality: Dull moments are constant.

In football, there are moments that make you scream, like when the Seahawks didn’t run the ball, but there are also moments where you will be bored. Most of the game you will be waiting for something to happen. Use those moments to find the chips and guacamole.

Expectation: Great commercials

Reality: Only half of them are good.

Some commercials are cute, funny, or make you want to cry, but not all. A few of them won’t be memorable and a few will actually suck. Yet we still look forward to seeing the new commercials.

Expectation:  A spectacular halftime show.

Reality: The guests are more fun…like Left Shark.

Katy Perry may have done a great job, but her dancer overshadowed the performance. Once the show is over, it doesn’t matter if the main act was perfect because the guests are more interesting. Coldplay will be the main act but everyone is excited to see how Beyoncé and Bruno Mars will be intertwined.

Expectation: Who wins matters.

Reality: The score doesn’t matter…

While you might want bragging rights if your team wins, three days later it won’t matter. You’ll be done boasting to your co-workers and your jersey will already need to be washed. The real reason we all look forward to the super bowl each year is because it is a chance to hang out with friends and have good food.


Enjoy the Super Bowl though, the dull moments and all!

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