Summer As Told By the Girl Who is Always Sunburnt

Summer is almost here! That means shorts, tank tops, flip-flops, and for those of us with fair skin, it also means sunburns. Ah, yes. Summer.

Summer for some of us means spending hours out by the pool or the beach, soaking up the rays, and turning perfectly tan. On the other hand, for some of us, summer means sunblock, sunblock, and more sunblock. There’s no such thing as being “too safe” when it comes to those of us who are fair skinned.

Summer can be enjoyed up until that point when you get sunburnt for the first time, and then it is all downhill from there. Here are just a few of the pains of summer, as told by the girl who is always sunburnt.

Having to buy SPF 100 sunblock.

Because no other sunblock is strong enough.


Not having the luxury of using tanning lotion because sunblock is more important.

I will never experience the luxury of being bronze.

Getting sunburnt and your skin feels hot enough to roast marshmallows.

Honestly, my body may be the temperature of a campfire.

You're so sunburnt you can't move.

The point to where you can hardly walk because every little move causes an immense amount of pain.


So am I a snake or….? Honestly, why is my skin falling off? Nasty.


So, for all you fair-skinned ladies out there, this one is for you. You are not alone this summer. Stay lathered up with sunblock, and take care of your skin. Let’s try and enjoy this summer despite our fair skin that may turn red by the end.