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Stop Hatin’ on Basic: Fall Edition

With fall semester in full swing, the inevitable stresses of everyday life can seem even worse with the withering hours of daylight, the winter inversion, the colder days, and the gloomier weather. While it’s easy to get stuck in a seasonal funk, fall also brings us a plethora of small joys. For some of us, pumpkin-spice-everything, early holiday decorations, and ABC’s 31 Days of Halloween are just what we need to lighten our spirits. Bring on the “basic” fall-loving tweets, Halloween socks, and Tim Burton movies? Yes please. Carnivals and pumpkin carving? Oh absolutely. Spending hours looking through Pinterest for creative Holiday cookies that you’ll actually never make? Get yo spooky baking on.

With the array of Halloween and fall-loving “basic” posts, however, comes the many cynical people with nothing better to do but criticize. Can we please just stop the trend of relentlessly criticizing people for enjoying harmless things simply because they’re “basic?” So what if they are? It’s more basic to hate on harmless little things that make people happy, plus there is a plethora of real issues to focus your time and energy on. If these small joys are making people happy amongst all the day-to-day stresses of life, then just let people be.

So if you are one of the many people who find themselves excited over the changing colors of leaves, the seasonal specialty holiday coffee drinks, or the (not so near) holidays, then ignore the criticism. This goes to say for all guilty pleasures. If these harmless little things make you happy, then by all means, embrace it and let your inner “basic” shine.


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