Stop Fetishizing Asian Women

What is "yellow fever"? Not referring to the mosquito spread disease, but the weird fetish non-Asian men have for Asian women. Whether in a relationship or not, the majority of people want to be valued, not viewed as an object.

Yellow fever is when non-Asian men have a sexual preference for Asian women, and women for Asian men. The majority, however, is the first one. Now, I know this has been going on for decades, but I am sick of it. Asian women are not objects, we are as human as everyone else. I never want to kink shame, but having an Asian fetish? That’s not cool. Asian women tend to have a submissive, fragile, and sexually open stereotype, which many of these men with “yellow fever” want to dominate. Just thinking about it is nasty. Obviously, this is not true. It is so unreasonable to put a set of traits down for all women of one ethnicity.

Objectification is something that women of all races go through, but when it comes down to just one race in general, that’s where it gets particularly creepy. There is no denial there might be a fetish for every race out there, but you can definitely see how this Asian fever stands out. Take Japanese porn for example. These women are displayed as extremely docile and anxiously waiting to be dominated. They will have ads on the internet saying things like, “single Asian female waiting near you,” or even dating apps that look for Asian women specifically. With these men who are looking at Asian porn, developing this fetish for wailing women, let me tell you: it is NOT real life. Every single female is different and we are not looking for men like you (although I can’t speak for everyone.)

Women have to deal with a lot of harassment on a daily basis. Being Asian means that when I walk around downtown or I’m waiting for the train to come, I get catcalled with, “konichiwa,” “ni hao ma,” “I love exotic girls.” It means getting bombarded with questions like, “Where are you from? No, where are you really from?” and “Wow, how did you learn to speak English so well?” It means going on Tinder and maybe matching with a really cute guy, but then cringing in disgust as he says, “So, heard Asians have a tight vagina.”

Even if I (and hopefully the majority of Asian women) want this to end, it’s not easy going about it. We can’t just end someone’s fetishization in a day. We can’t stop the onslaught of objectification in a few months. It’s hard, since yellow fever has been around for a long time. But like all other issues, it can slowly end and maybe more of these men can realize, “Hey, maybe I need to respect this woman for who she is and not date her for her ethnicity and to live out my own fantasies.”

I hope my Asian ladies out there who are currently looking for a partner will not fall for someone that has yellow fever. Truth is, they might be charming, but if they have yellow fever, they will most likely be looking at you as an object.

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