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Staying Fit While Abroad

Sitting down for my first Argentina asado, I had no idea what to expect. A big chorizo sausage was placed in front of me and while I was feeling a bit shy, inside I was ravenous.
Leaning back in my chair my grin of satisfaction slowly changed into bewilderment as several plates of salads, potatoes, cheeses, and meat were placed on the table. Food was piled on my plate, and being a poor college student that is all too familiar with top ramen, I just couldn’t let it all go to waste.
The lomo steak is grilled to perfection and melts in my mouth, making me positive that I have died and gone to heaven. Once I managed to fit food enough to feed a small village into my stomach, the desert arrives. Oh no.
Since then I have been to several asados with different friends and each one has been the same, parrillas grilling meat with food everywhere followed by laughter and what is always a great time. And while I could do this every day of my life, I realized after a few weeks that I’m not on vacation anymore and that I should probably get some exercise.
The motivation is hard to come by. With long days of school I am always exhausted. So instead of working out the traditional way, I’ve come by a few easy ways to stay fit while spending time in another country.
Walk: While it’s easy to take the bus and subway everywhere, walking home or and taking new routes can be a work out and an adventure.
Parks:  The small parks in cities can be an escape from the bustling city life and a way to catch some fresh air and solitude. Even if it’s just a fifteen-minute jog or ten-minute walk, getting out and spending time in the parks is good for the mind and body.
Dancing: Take a ladies night with all your girlfriends and go dancing. You’d be surprised how many calories you are actually burning while grooving and having fun on the dance floor.
You Tube: Listening to a 30-minute yoga pod cast on the web, or following a 20-minute abs exercise is a quick way to unwind and feel the burn, not to mention it’s free! 

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