Spring That Makeup Outta Here

I think that one of the most annoying things to have to clean out is makeup. That ish is messy and expensive and I personally don’t find it very fulfilling. Why would I want to throw out a $40 foundation? I work hard to be able to buy all the makeup that I do and sometimes it doesn’t feel worth it to get rid of something when there is still product left. However, there are some things that have an expiration date. I am going to share some tips to not only spring clean your makeup, but also revamp the way you look at it.

First things first, all of your makeup actually has an expiration date attached to it. Any major makeup company is going to put an expiration date on their products, but it's kind of hidden. Go ahead and grab a pallete or foundation and see if you can find the little makeup pot sticker on the outside of the packaging. The number inside tells you (typically) how many months the product should be good for. Most foundations only last a few months, but lots of eyeshadows can last for 2-3 years. I always start a makeup cleanout by getting rid of expired products. I typically underestimate how long I’ve had most of my makeup, but for some products that’s ok. I’ve found that powders usually last an incredibly long time (longer than the label might indicate) so really I think it's up to you what to toss of powders. If it's patchy, throw it out. Liquids you should stay a little closer to the true expiration, but once again if it's patchy, throw it out.

Next you should get rid of all of the products that you don’t use. Everybody’s got a lipstick or liner that they just haven’t used since they bought it because they decided they don’t like the formula. If you haven’t worn it in months, you should toss it out. If you only keep it around for special occasions you should also get rid of it. That ish is long expired and honestly you don’t wear it even when you're being special so now it's gone. This is doubly true for liquid products. DO NOT keep your ‘winter’ foundation around all summer and try to use her again next winter. That product is dry and tired, leave her alone. Be honest with yourself about what you use and what you are going to use. This includes brushes which might have gotten worn out or uncomfortable on the face.

Clean. Your. Brushes. Seriously guys, your brushes get nasty. Not just with the makeup your using, but with the dead skin an oils on your face. Give those brushes a nice lil bath with water and a brush cleaning solution. I would also use a rubber or plastic scrubber that’s soft on the brushes, you can even make one by sticking hot glue onto a clipboard and letting it dry. Once your brushes are clean, go through and clean all the mirrors in your palettes and maybe get in between the pots and clean up the loose product. This makes everything look fresh and new when you go to do your makeup next.

Once you’ve established what you need to keep, make a list of what you need to get now. Sometimes cleaning things out means that you need to replace old items. If your favorite blush is gone now, go buy it again or find one that you like better. Once your list of needed items is made, budget that list out. Be strategic about what you are purchasing. I know I mentioned it earlier, but I actually refuse to buy expensive foundation. My rule with makeup is: If I have to buy it frequently, then I’m going with a cheaper product. It took a while to find that perfect fit foundation, but I think it works just as well as a high end product. Things like eyeshadow palettes are more bang for your buck, so buying high end products is more worth it. If you have a product you really like (for me it's blushes) buy a more expensive one because you will appreciate every time you do your makeup. Make your product pricing personal for you.

Get your makeup area cleaned up. Get drawers to put the products in, jars for your brushes, little cans or whatever you want to store your stuff. Your makeup needs to have a set place where it gets put away, don’t just leave it on the counter in the bathroom. Give every item a proper place, then you know where it is when you need it and can return it once you are done. This also helps spring clean your relationships with the people you might share a bathroom with (since now your crap isn’t everywhere). If you already have containers for your makeup, while all your makeup is out for sorting you should go ahead and clean those containers. You have no idea the crap that can build up even when things aren’t getting overtly dirty.

Cleaning out your makeup is just like cleaning out anything. You’re going to have to give some stuff up and replace them with new things, you have to get real with yourself on what you need, and, to borrow from Miss Marie Kondo, you need to thank your items when you let them go. I honestly love this method of letting go of items you have had for a long time or have cherished. I thought it was silly at first, but after I did it one time I was convinced that this was the best way to let items go. It really made me feel better and I would encourage you to try it. It's time to get into it and get cleaning!

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