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Snow tha Rapper is Serious About Us Waking Up on Social Issues

Snow tha Product is a Mexican-American rapper whose real name is Caludia Alexandra Feliciano. In her new song, “Despierta” she sends a message to the Latino community that it’s time to wake up. In her new song she emphasizes on self-segregation and ignorance.

Snow tha Product she expresses topics that are a behind the door conversation, in her new song. Her message is only directed at Latinos. She also posted a comment on Facebook stating that:

“No need to translate please.. This is a message for Latinos to love each other I said a few facts but over all the message is positive and mostly talking to Latinos about how much we segregate within our community.. Dont be offended this is like a sister talking to a sibling behind closed doors about their behavior it’s not meant for everyone to understand.. thank you”

I agree with her overall message but this is a concern for everyone, not only Hispanics!

 Snow’s intro to the song is the perfect example of hiding one’s true nationality either by social pressure because of one’s self-choice,

“No, no, no, I’m sorry I don’t speak Spanish. Do you speak English?  You’re not allowed to be here, you’re supposed to back up. Aha, yeah. No, I don’t speak Spanish, of course not. Do you see me I don’t speak Spanish no, no, no, no, I’m sorry..”  

“I speak Spanish, but you have to shut up and have to remove the microphone because I can’t be speaking Spanish. These people do not know that I speak Spanish, they are putting the f***ing finger on me! No, here, only gardeners and maids are those who speak Spanish and are Latinos” Read more: Snow Tha Product – Despierta Lyrics | MetroLyrics 


Snow hits three main issues; presidential parties, ignorance and self-segregation.


We should be happy that we live in 2016 and we don’t have to live among ignorance. WRONG! Ignorance is still among us, those that classify us under labels. We aren’t valued by what’s within us. Instead, we are categorized as gay, white, Hispanic, lesbian, straight, black, etc.

Not only are we ‘labeled,’ but there are also social expectations. If you are Hispanic, you must be a gardener and therefore must be illegal, right?

We must educate one another and stand together.


When I talk about self-segregation, I am referring to the division among ourselves. We hear and say things like, “If I am better of economically I matter more than someone with less money” and “I am Mexican- American therefore I am better than a non- citizen Mexican.”

We can’t move forward as one if we keep classifying one’s value based on economic, legal, educational status.

Political Parties

When she states that Obama has deported more immigrants than all the presidents together, than follows a big pause, she really wants us to think about what this means. Something the Latino community knows but decides to turn the other way.

Snow targets Trump (Republican) and Obama (Democrat) in her video. She states that Trump frustrates her and if we don’t do something he will ruin the world. This is a concern for everyone. Even those that voted for him, when it comes to it we as a nation are screwed now that he’s a president. Having Trump as president sky-rockets segregation within the country and within communities. How can we move forward with one side of the U.S wanting to get rid of a huge population? How can we learn from one another if we can’t even talk to one another?

Snow says,

“Here there’s no White vs Mexican, we don’t even have that much time. If we have the same goal, but Hispanics fight between each other.”

“Here we have no plan of attack but to remind them that among them there is much resentment.”

We need to stand together as a nation.  Defend our home and the future home of our kids, Together. The future is in our hands. The time is now.

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