Slow Fashion: How to Be a Smarter Shopper

It seems like most of us shop fast fashion, whether we are aware of it or not. It’s everywhere, stocking store shelves across the world; but what exactly is fast fashion, and frankly, why should we care? The goal of businesses who use the fast fashion business model is to provide clothing that correlates with trends as quickly as they appear. However, this quick system has a lot of downfalls. Usually, these clothes are machine made and are not as high quality as some other options due to their low cost of production. Yes, this means that the shirt you bought from Forever 21 last week wasn't meant to last you your whole lifetime (sadly). Not to mention that many retailers that produce fast fashion underpay those who make the clothing, which is as awful as it sounds. If this raises red flags when it comes to your favorite stores, you’re not alone.


The good news is that there is a great alternative to shopping in fast fashion. There are many new shops popping up that sell 'slow fashion', which are usually handmade clothing items that last. Many turn away from this alternative because of its cost, but many don't realize the benefits that slow fashion has. The companies that sell slow fashion usually focus on two main things, ethics and sustainability. For all of you earth lovers out there, this is the shopping method for you. When you buy an item from a slow fashion company, you are getting an item that was ethically handmade. This means that the employees behind every item are paid what they should be. These items will also be made with materials that are better for the community and even the world. To expand on this, some companies even use all organic products in their production (which is awesome)! The sustainability element of slow fashion comes from the ability to reduced waste compared to that of fast fashion. When companies are creating items to be of higher quality, they don’t end up having the excess waste from creating hundreds of items at a time. Now, I know this can be overwhelming, and that it can be hard to find shops that make slowly made clothes. Lucky for you, I did the research for you. Here are two online shops that you can check out for some fresh slow fashion looks.

People Tree  

If you want sustainable clothing, this is the shop for you. Many of their shirts are made of 100% organic cotton, and the company itself is focused on its ‘environmental mission’. The company also treats its employees with fair wages and transparency.



This company may be on the more expensive side, but what the company stands for makes it worth it. The company supplies clothes that are unique, philanthropic, and that use fair trade. Made to last, this is a slow fashion company for you.


With so much waste in the world, it's important to be smart about your shopping choices. Slow fashion is a great way to find new pieces that not only look cute and last, but also promote a more sustainable fashion industry.