Skizzy Mars: The Red Balloon Project Tour Comes to SLC

Myles Mills started in the Upper East Side, attending the prestigious Browning School for boys.  He was doing extremely well in English – which earned him the nick name “Skillz Millz – and had intentions of going into sports journalism. But late in his high school years Mills uploaded his songs to the internet just to see what would happen – and the reception has been incredible.

He’s no longer Skillz Millz but Skizzy Mars, and we can’t get enough! This young MC has only been on the music scene for a few years, but he definitely knows what he’s doing. His EP The Red Balloon Project (name inspired by the 1956 French Short Film Le Ballon Rouge) has seven tracks you’ll love to learn in preparation for his show this Sunday, March 22nd at In The Venue!

Here’s some other cool things you should know about Skizzy Mars!

Her Campus (HC):  So, you went to a prestigious high school that could have prepped you for practically any academic career. You then tried college for 10 weeks, but you knew music was for you instead. Were you nervous to quit college? 

Skizzy Mars (SM): Yeah, I put up two songs 1 month before graduation and they received a lot of attention on the internet. I just knew it was what I wanted to do. Everything after that happened pretty fast.

HC:  Are you excited about the success you've had? Number four on the iTunes Hip Hop charts is a big deal!

SK:   I’m surprised. But I take my time on everything – I know it’s good. I never set expectations, just make the best of it. Take it in strides. But I never expected all of this.

HC:  Well you seem to definitely be making the most of it now! How’s the tour going?

SM:   It’s crazy. I love it. I like that I meet a lot of people being on the road.

HC:  Have you played in SLC before? 

SM:  Yeah, a couple years ago. I opened for G-Eazy.

HC:  How did SLC compare to other cities?

SM:  I loved it there, it was a great show!

HC:  Oh good! But where’s your favorite place to play?

SM:  I love playing in New York, of course. The homecoming shows are always great. My family and friends are always there. But I do love playing in places like Chicago and Seattle, all over Texas, everywhere honestly.

HC:  Who’s one of your favorite artists that you’ve toured with or collaborated with?

SM:  G-Eazy has had a huge influence on me. I mean he put me on the road when I was like 18 or 19 years old.

HC:  So he was/is a sort of mentor?

SM:  Yeah. He taught me a lot – how to construct a set; how to prepare my voice; how to handle the road – just a little bit of everything. Then there’s Logic, he was like a big brother to me. Taught me a lot too!

HC:  You’ve worked with a lot of artists!

SM:  Yeah I have! It’s cool now that I can sort of decide who I want to work with. And I can be the one giving advice to others who are coming on tour.

HC:  We’ve read before that Kayne West and Kid Cudi were two of the artists who really inspired you. If you could collaborate with anyone would it be them, or someone else?

SM:  As far as rappers go, yes. I grew up listening to those guys. They did inspire me! There are a lot of different bands and songwriters that I’d really like to collaborate with too.

HC:  We’re excited for you to play in SLC! What can we tell our readers to expect at your show?

SM:  A little bit of everything. Prelow and Swizzymack both bring their own vibes to the show, and I bring mine. I want to make an all-encompassing show. I’ll keep it crazy and be dancing, but I definitely slow things down too.

HC:  Is there anything else you’re working on that we should be aware of?

SM:  My album. The EP only allows 7 songs, so now I want to get a full album out.

HC:  We can’t wait! Alright, so here at Her Campus Utah we do what’s called a Campus Cutie. We’d like to make you an honorary recipient! But that means we get to ask you a couple personal questions!

SM:  Alright, let’s do it!

HC:  Relationship status?

SM:  Single.

HC:  Describe yourself in three words.

SM:  Very. Chill. Dude.

HC: Who’s your celebrity crush?

SM:  Kate Mara

HC:  What’s the biggest turn on in a girl?

SM:  Good vibes and positive energy.

HC:  Turn off?

SM:  Negative energy.

HC:  What’s on your Netflix most recent?

SM:  House of Cards!

HC:  What’s your party anthem?

SM:  The new Drake album – anything from him.

[Editor's Note:  We cannot wait to have Skizzy Mars back in SLC. When he opened for G-Eazy we fell in love, and ever since we just keep falling harder. Collegiettes this is a show you are not going to want to miss, so be sure to get your tickets today for his Sunday show! Also be sure to check out one of our favorite Skizzy Mars' songs, featured on our Spring Break Playlist.}