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Short Girl Problems: 5 Struggles Only Short Girls Will Know

Though my list of short girl problems is never-ending, I narrowed down the top five struggles of everyday life as a short girl. Grab a stool and throw your hand up high with me if you have ever experienced one of these struggles. 

1. Top shelves — or really any shelf above the bottom shelf TBH

The classic hoist in the corner of the kitchen is just getting a lot harder now that I am getting older, and it seems more risky now. I am not as agile as I once was. The worst is how some clothing stores will now do very tall displays. They may be visually appealing, but they are physically impossible. And the grocery store? Forget about the top shelf items, it ain’t happening… although I will admit Trader Joe’s is pretty short girl friendly. 

2. Being a living, breathing arm rest

Hey, I love being a support for people… I am a Cancer after all, but there comes a time when someone using you as an arm rest just doesn’t settle right. Like when people forget their deodorant… can I get an AMEN!! Please, use deodorant if you are even going to think about putting your elbow on my head, or just don’t put your elbow on my head and lean on something else. 

3. Ripped jeans and pants in general

Knee holes turn into calf holes for short girls. I have yet to find the perfect pair of ripped jeans, but I guess I can just do it again and make my own. Pants in general just don’t fit the same, but luckily I shared a good reliable pair here in last week’s article!

4. Sun visors being too short

I have just recently noticed this is a serious short girl problem. Well, my tall friend actually noticed for me. As I was driving west on I-80 I was being BLINDED by the setting sun. I looked over to my friend as she pulled down her visor, so I reached for mine but soon realized that mine was already pulled down. She burst out laughing and said, “Short girl probs are everywhere!” They really are. Sun visors in cars don’t do jack sh*t for short girls. This was true even after putting my seat awkwardly high to readjust myself, which in turn was bad because my feet started floating; it’s a lose-lose situation here. 

5. Swinging legs

On that note, I think it is fair to bring up the struggle of feeling like you’re sitting in a booster seat in almost every chair and toilet. I call it swinging leg syndrome, and on top of already looking like a kid from being short, swinging your legs because they aren’t touching the ground is just really icing on the cake. As I am sitting here in this tall chair at this coffee shop, I am swinging my legs. It’s kind of a fun struggle, I guess?

But let me end with this: there are many wins that only short girls understand, like easily sneaking to the front row at concerts, bars, and other crowded places. This other Her Campus article perfectly lays out other short girl wins that you should really check out. Though there are many struggles, being short is fun. Next week I am going to be sharing funny stories from some other short girls, so stay tuned and stay cute, shorties!  

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