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Seasonal Scents at Bath and Body Works (A Review!)

Seasonal scents are back at bath and body works! You can now enjoy all the Fall and Christmas themed scents. If you are looking for a festive candle for your house or apartment this season here is a guide to some of bath and body works most popular seasonal scents. 

Frosted Cranberry 

Intoxicating fruity berry scent, warm but light. Really liked the berry scent of this one and it does feel very seasonal.

Winter Candy Apple

While they bring this out each year as part of their Christmas line it doesn't seem to smell like anything in the apple or candy range. It just feels like a nice perfumey scent.

[bf_image id="pbfn4hmvmb3wgm6x67388q6"]

Twisted Peppermint

This is probably my favorite as it is a soft peppermint. Both clean and sweet like a candy cane. Perfect for mint lovers, if you like this scent be sure to stock up before the end of the season.

[bf_image id="p58z99ptn8k7fmg37rpp7g4"]

Let It Glow

This is part of the White Barn section of Bath and Body Works candles. This one smells like a Christmas tree with a strong pine scent, like a car freshener but not as strong/chemical-ly.

Vanilla Bean Noel

This is another classic scent that comes around every Christmas at Bath and Body Works. It is a sweet vanilla smell similar to a sugar cookie and is great for people who enjoy a soft, sweet scent.

[bf_image id="5hptcj7s5zjhbjgmjhh87qgx"]

Iced Cinnamon Rolls

This is a strong cinnamon scent and it definitely smells like a cinnamon roll or like you just walked out of Cinnabon. This is a super sweet scent like most of the bakery goods-themed ones at Bath and Body Works and is good for those who like a sweet tooth scent.

Snow Peach Berry

Unlike most of their winter scents, this one is fruity and it has a light peach scent. While not very Christmas-y to be it is nice if you like lighter, fruity scents.

Spiced Gingerbread

This is also part of the White Barn section of Bath and Body Works. It has a warm, spicy, gingerbread scent that is perfect for Christmas and will have you craving some gingerbread. 

[bf_image id="8btc8nt4kksfjm4rc9x65vf9"]



Leaves, to me, is the perfect fall scent – it smells like crisp fresh apples and the fall breeze, and it will keep you in a fall mood all winter long.

Caramel Pumpkin Swirl 

This scent is another strong bakery scent that smells like a pumpkin cake or cinnamon roll. For people who love pumpkin and sweets.

Pumpkin Cupcake

Another sweet pumpkin scent that’s strong and warm. This might be one of the best of the pumpkin ones that they offer for those looking for a pumpkin scent.

Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte

This is a great fall scent, it has just enough sweet pumpkin in it but not enough that it might seem overwhelming for those who like fall scents. The marshmallow and latte elements are also soft and sweet.

[bf_image id="5mnh63rcg64tt5x9c3nbqhq"] My favorite fall scent is definitely Leaves, it smells indescribably like fall and is amazing. As far as Christmas scents, Twisted Peppermint is a classic but if you want to switch it up, Frosted Cranberry or Spiced Gingerbread are great choices. Also, this isn’t even all of them! Bath and Body Works has other seasonal scents that I couldn’t get to, so I apologize if I skipped your favorite, but here’s a starting point if you are looking to get some fun seasonal scents to match your holiday mood. 


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