Seasonal Drinks You Need To Try This Winter

With the crazy and unexpected weather that comes along with the holiday season, it’s always important to take a step back and relax. To help with this, why not go to your favorite coffee shop and enjoy a holiday drink? Since late October, I’ve been impatiently waiting for all the coffee shops I frequently visit to release their holiday drink menu, and after going around and trying several, I came up with a list of drinks you need to try before the holidays and snow come to an end.



First on the list is the best drink created: the white mocha. If you aren't a huge coffee drinker, I always suggest ordering a white mocha for your first time because they aren’t too strong or too sweet. This year the peppermint mocha is very popular, and it is honestly one of my favorite drinks now! It’s taste isn’t overwhelming and will have you in the holiday spirit in no time. My first choice when I’m craving this specific drink has to be the Beans and Brews version. They use Ghiradelli as their chocolate of choice and it literally doesn’t get any better than that.


Hot Chocolates

Hot chocolates are a close second next to white mochas because they are also a simple drink that everyone is likely to enjoy. Starbucks offers a wide variety of flavors this year with peppermint, white chocolate, salted caramel, and toasted white chocolate. These are all great and if you’re into sweet drinks, these are definitely for you. I love them the Starbucks hot choclates so much, but for me, 7-Eleven’s hot chocolate will  forever be my go to! I’ve tried so many different hot chocolates, but I’ve never liked one as much as this store’s version.



Although I usually go for iced lattes when I order this kind of drink, I recently switched to the hot option, and I am obsessed! Lattes come in all different flavors but during this time is when flavors like peppermint, eggnog, gingerbread, and pumpkin become most popular. And although it isn’t considered a seasonal drink, I think it is perfect for this chilly weather. My fav is the cinnamon dolce latte, both cold and hot, and honestly, it is seriously one of the best drinks ever. In my opinion, the best one comes from Java Jo’s and I cannot get enough of it. I go at least once a week to satisfy this craving, and I don’t see myself getting tired of this drink ever.

Honorable Mentions 

These were just too good to not mention but they didn’t really go with the categories above. They are all drinks you need to try at least once during the chilly months, and I even threw in one homemade drinks that are super simple to make!


Hot Apple Cider (Java Jo’s)

This seasonal favorite is a must try! It’s perfect for the days when you decide to stay in and watch a movie.

Chai Tea (Sugar House Coffee )

Not only is this tea literally the best chai tea you will ever have, but Sugar House Coffee's atmosphere makes it even better. 

Cinnamon Bark Tea (Homemade)

By simply putting two pieces of cinnamon bark in a boiling pot of water for about 10 minutes, you are left with the sweetest drink ever. I usually add a bit of almond milk to tone down the flavor and it tastes so much better.

The holidays are honestly the best time of the year. Not only are there christmas lights, snow, and we get a winter break, but best of all, so many seasonal things begin to come out. Yes, I do love Ulta’s holiday makeup kits and all, but I am always most excited for the warm drinks that will keep me cozy all winter long. This list of drinks is perfect because there are so many options! Enjoy your break from classes by trying one of these drinks in the next few months --you never know, one of these could become your staple drink!

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