Scotty McCreery Performs at The Grand Kerfuffle


The Grand Kerfuffle goes country!

I was beyond stoked when I found out Scotty McCreery was going to be gracing the U campus with his insanely deep and sexy voice. And I wasn’t alone!

As the evening’s weather took a turn for the worst, with dreary, freezing rain, I was still determined to go to The Grand Kerfuffle. Though I was highly disappointed I couldn’t rock the Daisy Duke shorts I’d initially chosen to wear, I still found a nice warm flannel, some country-enough jeans and a baseball cap to complete my concert attire! After my concert group and I downed a couple shots of that warm nectar known as whiskey, we called our Lyft, and set out to brave the conditions.

It was pretty cold, but when we arrived, Scotty was next to perform. As I watched people run around the stage with tarps and towels I began to worry Scotty would cancel. The crowd – which was a lot larger than I imagined it would be – was growing restless, chanting “Scotty! Scotty! Scotty!” while anxiously awaiting any sign of that handsome young man.  The rain continued on, but everyone still stayed. And then, my country sweetheart, Scotty McCreery, the babe himself, came on stage and immediately got the party started! Wow – did his beautiful, rich, AMAZING voice warm me up!

Scotty had an amazing stage presence that truly made everyone forget how cold it was. Even when he announced he needed to do an all-acoustic set because of the rain, the energy kept up. The crowd sang along with Scotty’s own hits “See You Tonight,” and “Water Tower Town.” We screamed in delight as he performed some iconic classics by Johnny Cash and Garth Brooks. Seriously, “Friends in Low Places” NEVER gets old! And I swear the pouring rain only made the concert ten times better!

Plus, get this, he thinks Utah Utes are pretty cool too! During his set he mentioned how he was in Vegas while our basketball and football teams were there. He was impressed by the teams and our crazy fans. Hearing Scotty lead U-T-E-S, UTES! was definitely an added bonus to an already awesome night!

Needless to say, those of us who take “rain or shine” seriously, and came to this year’s Grand Kerfuffle were not disappointed. I personally want to say thank you to ASUU for branching out and inviting a country artist this year. Scotty McCreery did a stellar performance that might go down as one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to.