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The Sardines “Chameleons”: Album Review

The Sardines are a four-piece band from Provo/Salt Lake City. This band has been releasing music since 2017, and they just dropped their debut album, “Chameleons,” on October 25th.

The Sardines creates slower-paced, indie music with some pop and rock influences. Their songs feel familiar and relatable, as they discuss heartbreak and relationships.

As a local band, The Sardines have gained most of their following through playing at local venues. In the past, they have frequented Kilby Court, in Salt Lake City, and the Velour Live Music Gallery, in Provo. Although The Sardines have yet to go on tour, they continue to periodically play at small venues.

The Sardines will be playing next at Kilby Court on November 17th, and you can buy tickets to see them play here.  

After hearing about The Sardines a couple weeks ago, I decided to attend their album release concert on October 25th at the Velour. I wasn’t too familiar with their music prior to the show, but The Sardines put on a great performance that incorporated both their slower tunes and their faster-paced songs, which were given an alternative rock treatment. Additionally, if you choose to see The Sardines, you may get to see them perform their iconic, gig-only ‘Tractor Song.’ 

“Chameleons” begins with the song, “My Favorite Kind of Soup,” which was initially released on an EP in 2017, but it was re-produced for the album. This song serves as a great introduction to The Sardines because over the course of the song it melds their rock elements with some slowed-down indie parts.

Although The Sardines seem to write and play songs with similar bpms, their song, “As They Say,” slows down and offers some emotional insight. With acoustic guitar and vocals as the primary elements to the song, listeners gain a sense of intimacy to the band.

The album concludes with the song, “Hazy Eyes.” This song beautifully wraps up the album and serves as a summary of The Sardine’s music. The song begins with nostalgic lyrics set to an acoustic guitar, but as the lyrics develop, more instruments begin to play and the song develops an alternative rock sentiment.

Some of my favorite lyrics from the album are:

  • “Did your God-forsaken love quest go the way you intended?” – Two Months
  • “Well if I had a guess, it’s that he’s shittier than me” – My Favorite Kind of Soup
  • “Take my lungs, I’ll take my heart” – Pastel
  • “Another sad day in paradise, take my hand” – Checkered Shoes

My top three favorite songs from the album are: “Bumper Stickers,” “Two Months,” and “Time.”

The Sardine’s debut album is relaxing, light, emotional, and nostalgic.

If you like The Sardines, I recommend that you also check out the following bands: The Backseat Lovers, Peach Pit, Ritt Momney (yes, that’s spelled correctly!), and Vista Kicks.

If I were to rate this album, I would give it 4/5 stars!

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