Sagittarius Season is Coming Up: Here's What to Expect (It's Probably You Sleeping With Your Ex)

As November comes to a close, that means the beginning of Sagittarius Season, buckaroo. Are you ready? Honestly, probably not.

Sagittarius folks are curious, educationally driven people who also want to party all night and all day and then just keep going until they pass out. This sign gets its time to shine from November 22nd until December 22nd, taking up the majority of your festive holiday season, right from Thanksgiving Pre-Christmas to Christmas. So then, what is Sagittarius season even going to do?

If you've felt that people were being overly blunt with you these last few weeks, it's because Mercury has been in Sag. That'll continue, and maybe intensify. In fact, imagine most things will be intense this next little while. Sag is a fire sign, meaning it's intense, if irrational and driven by passion. So yeah. You might get funky-fresh with your ex. But don't worry, it’s not your fault, the stars caused it!

Honestly, if your life must be overcome with chaos, it may as well be in Sagittarius season. Planet Venus, ruler of love and romance, is currently in Libra, I.E. the sign of love and romance. So things may be dreamy and idyllic in your life now, and once Venus transitions to Sagittarius on December 9th your love life can be driven by passion and adventure. So like? Not bad! Just try not to bang your ex.

Also, Jupiter will be in Scorpio for the duration of Sagittarius season and beyond. Sag is ruled by Jupiter, planet of wealth, excess, humor, and leisure. When in Scorpio, Jupiter is going to urge you to follow the desire of your heart for your own good. So honestly? A good sign. You might experience financial bounty, get some good time to chill (or maybe not because Sag season is also during finals season lmao sorry stars for defying your natural order), or just enjoy some good laughs. Maybe even with your ex, who you might get naked with, because it's Sagittarius season.

So as you prepare for November 22nd through December 22, anticipate your heart aching to be wild, your wallet to be full, your passion to be high, and your mind to be open. As well as your legs! In the presence of your ex.


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