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A Review of “Lose You To Love Me” By Selena Gomez


Guess who’s back in town and ready to express her most authentic and sincere self again… The one and only Selena Gomez! She has been in hiding for far too long dealing with her personal struggles. From Lupus and chemotherapy, to mental health issues, and a hard break up, she has endured it all. Four years later and she is now ready to share her journey through her new song “Lose You to Love Me”. This song is currently number 1 on Billboard Top 100 in the US as well as placing in the top ten in numerous other countries.

In case you have not had the opportunity to listen to the track yet, here’s the gist. It is a gut-wrenching song that outlines Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber’s entire relationship when they were together in 2018 and how she gained confidence following the breakup, hence the title of the song “Lose you to Love Me”. 

The song primarily discusses how the two of them are not meant for each other and how he constantly brought her down and discouraged her while they were dating. She then says that her love was so strong for him it blinded her to the way he was treating her which is mentioned when she says, “Rose colored glasses all distorted.” The glasses are rose colored as roses typically symbolize love, which ultimately distorted her perception of him. She then goes on to say “set fire to my purpose” which could be referencing Justin Bieber’s album “Purpose”. She also repeats multiple times that “we always go into it blindly” referring to the constant on-again, off-again relationship between the pair and how hurtful it was. She then says “I needed to hate you (lose you) to love me” which is the main theme of this song. I believe this is because her constant relationship with him held her back in many ways and was unhealthy. 

 Her next versus says “I gave my all and they all know it” probably referring to Selena Gomez’s fans and friends who constantly said she shouldn’t get back together with Justin Bieber because she was too good for him. She then says “two months you replaced us” referring to him getting married to Hailey Baldwin just months after they broke up. This all occurred during the time when she was having lots of mental health issues and decided to check herself back into rehab, which is mentioned when she says “made me think I deserved it… in the thick of healing”.

By the end of the song she says, “now the chapter is done” and “it’s goodbye for us” because she is finally over him and there is no more getting back together. They are officially over forever. 

If you love this song as much as me, I definitely recommend watching her music video, which was filmed on an iPhone. It feels like she is telling a story and despite being so simple it speaks volumes. This song is really honest honest yet also very catchy and I cannot wait for her next album to come out!

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Jess is a sophomore studying Biology at the University of Utah.
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