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Review of “The Addams Family”

Since the original version of The Addams Family came out in 1991, many different adaptations have hit the media market; cartoons, musicals, and live comedies are only a few of the platforms that this classic has reached. The Hale Center Theatre, a local and family-run theatre in Sandy, has now begun showing their own version of The Addams Family. Combining aspects of the bizarre TV series and the Broadway adaptation, HCT presents a unique story filled with both spooky scares and family loyalty.

As you enter the theatre, a glamorous red velvet curtain stretches from floor to ceiling. The curtain is important for one reason only; as the play commences, little hands begin to poke up from underneath the curtain and scramble along to the classic theme song. The end of the song transitions perfectly into the comical anarchy that is the rest of the show; Gomez, Morticia, Wednesday, Pugsley, Uncle Fester, Grandmama, and Thing are delighted, preparing to meet Wednesday’s boyfriend and his family over a fright-infested dinner. Prior to the escapade, Wednesday reveals to her father that she is engaged to her boyfriend and makes him promise not to tell anyone until the night is over. The rest of the show is completely bizarre, cascading its way through the night’s tumultuous events: Uncle Fester teaming up with his undead ancestors to help Wednesday fall in love, Pugsley poisioning the boyfriend’s mother, and Morticia forcing both families into playing a traditional game. Overall, you have a show that can only be described as funky and strange.

Although all the scenes were incredibly special, there are two that hold a special place in my heart. After Morticia’s game goes up in flames, Wednesday tries to run away with her boyfriend. Nothing is going her way and she decides to sit on a swing. Gomez finds her and sings to her about how proud of her he is. He speaks of how it can be difficult for a father to let go of his daughter, but nevertheless is delighted with her for growing into a bright young woman. Since I attended this show with my father, it proved sentimental and tugged at my heart strings in a very personal way. Not only did this father-daughter love play with my emotions, but so did the romantic aspect between Uncle Fester and the moon. Yes, the moon. In the middle of the show, Uncle Fester confesses his love for the moon and takes a passionate canoe ride while singing to the sky. It’s really quite funny but also very intimate and I loved it dearly. 

Overall, the show was hilarious and declared by me as a must see! The Addams Family runs at HCT until November 16th. If you aren’t able to attend, make sure you go to the next one, Suessical. After you attend one, you'll never want to miss another!


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