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A Ranking of ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas

The glorious gift from above that is ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas is here!! We can all rejoice now.

Although ABC Family hosts some amazing classic movies, there are also a few that we will probably not be viewing.  Her Campus is here to share which movies are a must see, and which you can pass on.


22) Holidaze

Do any of you even know what this movie is about? I’m going to assume no.  A corporate woman wakes up in an alternate universe and marries her childhood sweetheart… What does that story line have to do with Christmas at all?  This movie doesn’t leave you with the warm fuzzies that a Christmas movie should, it leaves you confused and annoyed.  Skip it.


21) The Mistle-tones

Music group battles are overused and don’t really have anything to do with Christmas.  This movie is just bad on so many levels.  Definitely skip. 


20) Holiday in Handcuffs


ABC Family needs to stop trying to make classic Christmas movies.  Holiday in Handcuffs is another movie that should have never been made.  Sabrina the teenage which is the only saving grace to this film, and she doesn’t even do any magic.

19) Deck The Halls

This is a really forgetful movie.  There are some well-known actors, but the idea of who can decorate their house better doesn’t really get you in the mood to celebrate Christmas.  Skip this one for sure.


18) Mary Poppins

Don’t get me wrong, Mary Poppins is an amazing movie on its own, but this is the 25 Days of Christmas and in comparison to the other gems on this list, Mary Poppins falls flat.


17) Toy Story Marathon

Again, another amazing set of movies.  Toy Story can probably define your childhood, but there is only one scene that actually has anything to do with Christmas.  Great movies to watch when you want to revisit your childhood, but these are not going to put you in the Christmas mood.


16) The Little Mermaid

Arguably the best Disney movie ever, The Little Mermaid is a classic.  Sadly, this list is about CHRISTMAS movies, and there absolutely no scenes that have to do with Christmas.  Do mermaids even celebrate the holidays?


15) Frosty’s Winter Wonderland

This is a cute and classic Christmas movie, however its not one that you should be clearing your schedule to watch.  Record this one and play it in the background on Christmas day.


14) The Santa Clause 2

The first Santa Clause movie was an instant classic.  Sadly, the second movie (as usual) didn’t live up to the first.  It was cute watching Santa fall in love but I don’t really see why it is necessary for him to have a wife.  Overall this is a movie you can skip this year


13) The Santa Claus 3: The Escape Clause

The only reason The Santa Clause 3 is slightly above Santa Clause 2 is because Martin Short is in it.  He does a fantastic job playing Jack Frost, and the whole idea of a commercialized Christmas really makes you think about what the holiday season is about.  Sadly, this movie isn’t nearly as magical as the first Santa Clause.


12) Mickeys Christmas Carol

A sweet cartoon version of the classic Christmas Carol.  Great for children, but there are definitely better Christmas Carol movies to watch this year.


11) Rudolph’s Shiny New Year

A claymation classic, this movie follows Rudolph on his quest to find the baby new year! A sweet and heartwarming movie about embracing your flaws, this is another one to record and watch on Christmas day when it’s a little bit closer to the New Year.


10) Santa Clause is Comin’ to Town

This brings a new idea to how Santa Clause came to be.  With catchy tunes like One Foot In Front Of The Other, this is a Claymation must see!! Although it is not quite as classic as some of the others, this movie if fun for your whole family to watch


9) The Polar Express

The movie is a great adaptation to the classic children’s book.  Tom Hanks voices the conductor and the songs are catchy and fun.  Sadly, the animation that is used in this movie makes the children look a bit creepy.  If you catch this movie, great.  If you miss it, don’t sweat.  Although it tries, this movie falls short of being timeless.


8) Scrooged

This is such an underrated movie.  Bill Murray is incredible in this version of the classic Christmas Carol.  Record it or make time in your schedule to watch this undervalued Christmas masterpiece.


7) Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer and The Island of Misfit Toys

Almost as amazing as A Year Without A Santa Clause, this is a must see movie every holiday season.  Rudolph teaches you to love yourself, not matter your flaws.  The cute little Elf who wants to be a dentist and the sweet misfit toys gives you the warm fuzzy feeling that Christmas is supposed to bring.


6) The Year Without A Santa Clause

One of the most well-known and beloved claymation Christmas movies of all time.  Who doesn’t love the heat and snow mister?? This is a movie everyone should watch every single year.  Find some time to sit down and watch it, it’s less than an hour long.


5) The Muppet Christmas Carol

Probably the best adaptation of A Christmas Carol out there.  The Muppets are hysterical and loveable; this is definitely a movie you don’t want to miss.


4) The Santa Clause

The idea behind this film is genius, and so hysterical.  It has action, magic, humor, and Tim Allen as Santa.  What’s not to love?


3) Dr. Seuss How The Grinch Stole Christmas

This is such an artistic movie.  The sets, costumes, and makeup are phenomenal and really transports you into Whoville.  The Grinch is filled with entertaining moments from start to finish and is one of the most iconic and classic Christmas movies to date.


2) National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

National Lampoon is a quirky Christmas movie.  If you want to laugh, this is the movie for you.  By far the best National Lampoon movie; it’s original and involves a family that you can probably relate to! Although not the top Christmas movie, it is remarkable and deserves to be enjoyed with your family at least once this holiday season.


1) Elf

There are so many reasons why Elf is the number one Christmas movie.  Its funny, its cute, adults and children alike love it, Will Ferrell is in it, and it makes you believe in all the magic that Christmas has to offer.  This is a movie that you’re going to want to watch again and again.


All of these movies are amazing, but there a ton of other fantastic Christmas movies that ABC Family is missing out on.  An honorable mention is A Christmas Story, (my personal favorite movie).  Let us know what you think!! Did your favorite movie make this list?

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