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Quitting Your Job as a People Pleaser

As a self-diagnosed people pleaser, it has been difficult for me to make life-changing decisions. I’ve stayed in unhealthy relationships, friendships, and workplaces because I’m so sensitive to other people’s perceptions of me and my actions. It can be difficult to fight people pleasing tendencies, but it’s important to remember that your well-being should come first — the opinion that other people have about your decisions is less important than making decisions that benefit you. When it comes to paving your career path as a people pleaser, it’s important to define your boundaries clearly. If you are no longer feeling fulfilled by your current job, here are some tips for quitting that can decrease anxiety and assist you in making important decisions.

When wanting to quit your job, it’s important to notice your feelings surrounding that experience. What is making you want to quit? Do you have another job in mind? Does the other employment opportunity pay more or offer better benefits? Is quitting bringing up negative feelings? Observing your feelings can bring clarity to the situation, and make you feel solidified in your decision. It can also increase your confidence, which makes answering other people’s intrusive questions less anxiety-inducing. 

After reflecting on your feelings and coming to a decision, make a meeting with your supervisor and devise a “quit list.” Your list should consist of how much notice you’re giving, reasons why you’re leaving, and any feedback you would like to give the workplace. Having a list will assist you in appearing more assertive and self-assured. Make sure that the meeting is scheduled promptly so that you don’t have time to second guess yourself or your decision — it’s best to stand strong for your happiness. When the meeting is over, I would advise noticing the emotions you experience after. What was anxiety-inducing? What made you feel good? Reflecting on your experience will help for future situations because we only get better with practice! 

People pleasing tendencies can make it hard to leave or confront certain situations. However, it is important to leave conditions that are stagnating your growth or making you uncomfortable and instead focus on prioritizing your fulfillment and satisfaction. If you are feeling unfulfilled in your current job, utilizing these tips will make the experience of quitting less stressful. Whether you’re a people pleaser or a regular person feeling unhappy at your job, hopefully this advice can be useful. You’ll never know what you’re missing out on if you always play it safe.

Sophomore at the University of Utah studying Strategic Communications