Quirky Ways Cats Say "I Love You"

Cats have, as a species, earned themselves a reputation for acting in strange and seemingly unexplainable ways. Most cat behaviors have meaning, and many of them are actually displays of affection. It’s fairly easy to figure out when a cat is upset, but their ways of showing love are more unique and a little harder to decode. While all cats exhibit unique behavior, here are a few common ways that cats say “I love you” in their own funny language.

Licking You

Cats lick themselves to keep clean, and they will groom others that they love the same way – whether it be another cat or a human. Mutual grooming is a way of bonding for cats because it is relaxing and mixes their personal scents; cats lick their owners for the same reason.


If your cat pushes her head into you or rubs her cheeks up against you, she’s expressing her love (and ownership). Headbutting and rubbing allows cats to leave their scent on you so they can claim you as their own. Possessive, but endearing.

Showing Off Their Tummy

Besides just being adorable, a kitty rolling over to expose their belly to you is actually a sign of affection. A cat with its tummy out is saying “I trust you”. This is a vulnerable position for a cat to be in, so consider it a compliment when one rolls over for you.


Sometimes referred to as “making biscuits”, cat kneading is a behavior that isn’t well-understood. One theory behind kneading is that a cat is replicating a motion leftover from her nursing days. A different explanation suggests that, since cats have scent glands in their paws, kneading their owner’s lap is another way of marking territory. Either way, a cat kneading you is saying she loves you.


Meowing is a behavior that domesticated cats adopted as a way to communicate with their human owners. Sometimes, cats will meow when they’re upset, but they’re usually just trying to get your attention and communicate with you.


Cats activate their sweet little internal motors when they’re comfortable and content. Cats usually purr when they’re very relaxed and/or happy. In rare circumstances, cats may purr to calm themselves down when they are anxious or upset, but purring is almost always a positive, loving sign. The greatest part of purring is that it is soothing for both you and your cat.

Offering “Gifts”

Many cat owners complain about their furry friends bringing dead mice or birds into the house. While this is unsanitary and pretty nasty, I promise your cat has good intentions when she leaves a little corpse for you. When your cat kills an animal and brings it in, she’s actually offering you a meal. As creepy as it may be, try to appreciate your cat’s gift for what it is.


Cats are certainly weird animals, but their funny ways of expressing themselves are part of what make them such great pets. Most of your fur baby’s strangest behaviors can all be explained, and it’s likely that your pet is just telling you how much they love you.



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