A Quick Guide to the Best Utah Autumn Ever

The feeling of the air always seems to change when Autumn begins to arrive. It’s not just the pleasant chill or the sound of crickets, it’s the feeling of good things to come. Many people view the phrase “winter is coming” as having a negative connotation, but we must keep in mind that before winter arrives it is the best time of year, Autumn!

Autumn is the best for so many reasons, especially for college students. Who doesn’t like to sit outside on a cool afternoon, dressed in their school colors, with their friends cheering on the football team?

...and Autumn is by far the best time to go for walks--even in Salt Lake City. There is truly no feeling more magical than having leaves float down as you walk through them, on a windy day. Not to mention that drives up the canyon during the fall are amazing and fleeting -- you just have to catch that perfect time between the colors changing and the first snow storm.  I recommend Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons as well as the Alpine Loop.  

Can we talk about Autumn food for a minute? I’m not talking about the over abundance of zucchini squash or the controversy surrounding pumpkin spice flavored everything, but who doesn’t love a chili party? Or other comfort foods such as pazole, pumpkin pie, and the whole Thanksgiving dinner.

Those fall-friendly foods you love lead to your favorite Autumn holidays. Halloween and Thanksgiving are the best. Halloween is the perfect opportunity to express yourself by dressing up as anything you want, and acting a little bit crazy. You can celebrate by engaging in an after-school pumpkin carving, or even by eating candy corn (which are a little gross, but still so cute). But let's not forget about Thanksgiving with the family. It's a once-a-year event where traditions rein supreme. It can be made more fun if you serve a few adult beverages such as a shot of vanilla cinnamon whiskey in apple cider. (But alcohol-free apple cider is a treat!)

Autumn is the best excuse to be cozy (which happens to be my favorite aesthetic.) Wearing layers of flannel shirts and sweaters, cuddling under a blanket watching a movie (especially psychological thrillers such as “Psycho”), reading a book, or baking your favorite cookies, are arguably the best parts of it all. Even raking leaves can be fun, because after you are done, you can make hot chocolate, and sit by a fireplace.

This Autumn we also have the opportunity to exercise our right to vote, which is another thing that makes Autumn 2018 important. Watch football, eat chili, cozy up with your favorite movies, but above all please remember to vote!


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