Questival and the Brand Behind It

This spring, I had the opportunity to participate in Questival. Questival is a 24-hour race to fulfill challenges. The challenges are categorized into community and cultural, do good, fitness and wellness, outdoor adventure, quirky, teamwork, and a few others. The idea behind Questival is that you will explore your city and discover new things. The challenges are categorized into easy, medium, and hard; the points you receive for each challenge depends on its difficulty.

At the event kickoff, there were tons of fun challenges to complete. My team played giant Jenga and corn hole against other teams. There were also tons of food trucks. Each team receives a flag with the “Do Good” slogan on it. After the event kickoff, my team did more local challenges around Salt Lake City. Some other teams tried to fulfill the bigger point challenges like going to a national park.


Questival has a scheduled sleep period when the app is dead. While it was really cold this year, my team camped. Some other teams slept at someone’s home. After the sleep period, we watched the sunrise at the Salt Flats. We ran into another team of friends there. While Questival is a competition, it actually encourages collaboration between teams. Some challenges had to be completed with another team. I really liked seeing other teams at some of the challenges, like on hikes. Everyone was really friendly and helpful.

While today there are races all across the country, Questival actually started in Utah. Cotopaxi, the brand who organizes it, was founded by BYU graduates. Questival follows Cotopaxi’s mission to “Do Good.” Many of the challenges had elements of kindness for people or nature. Questival offers a fun way to make an impact in your community and learn more about it along the way.

Cotopaxi strives to have a positive impact in every aspect of their business. They use recycled materials in their products. Beyond this, they also seek to address poverty. Cotopaxi donates 1% of its profits to address poverty and community development. Additionally, Cotopaxi uses manufacturing factories that pay fair and sustainable wages to employees. They allow employees some creative liberty with the color combinations on the bags. Cotopaxi aims to have a constructive impact on every aspect of their business. Questival furthers this goal by involving the public in community building activities. I originally signed up because I thought it would be fun, but along the way, I found that the meaning behind the challenge is what really made it fun.

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