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It’s the Holiday season on Netflix and that means another Vanessa Hudgens Christmas movie. These movies have become a sort of a tradition for Netflix, they are fun and incredibly cheesy but I still get super excited to watch them. This year’s movie is a sequel to 2018’s The Princess Switch and has even more shenanigans than the first.


To those who haven’t seen the first one (first of all, watch that instead because it’s better), here is a quick recap. Stacy (played by Vanessa Hudgens) and her friend Kevin are bakers – they run into Princess Margaret (also played by Vanessa Hudgens) who looks like Stacy at a baking competition. Margaret is engaged to be married to the prince of Belgravia and convinces Stacy to switch places so she can get more freedom. Stacy falls in love with the prince and Margaret falls in love with Kevin. They switch back and Stacy ends up marrying the prince.


In this film, two years have passed and Kevin and Margaret have broken up, Margaret now has to become queen as the king has died. Margaret and Stacy want to pull one last switch to try and give Kevin and Margaret more time to talk about their relationship. This plan is foiled by Fiona (yes, also played by Vanessa Hudgens), Margaret’s cousin who wants to kidnap Margaret and take her place for her money. Fiona ends up kidnapping Stacy instead by mistake and has to hurry up the coronation before anyone finds out what happened. 


Complicated enough? I certainly think so! It doesn’t help that Fiona has the most atrocious accent I’ve ever heard! This includes Vanessa’s Margaret accent which, while bad, was manageable, but every time Fiona speaks I want to turn away. What’s worse is the plot doesn’t really require her as the movie’s focus is on Margaret becoming queen and her relationship with Kevin – Fiona could’ve been easily omitted from the plot, but it seems the writers just wanted the gimmick of a third Vanessa Hudgens character.


If you want to see what happens to the characters of The Princess Switch then this movie might be interesting to you but otherwise, I would say avoid it. I knew this movie would be very cheesy and Christmas-y, as with most of the Netflix’s movies, but I did not expect it to be of this low quality. My favorite part was a cameo from the A Christmas Prince couple at the end. Also, as someone who liked Stacy’s story more, I was a little upset that her story was sidelined for the Margaret/Fiona drama.


If you’re looking for a fun cheesy Christmas movie with Vanessa Hudgens, watch the first A Princess Switch movie or The Knight Before Christmas instead!


Ashmita Shanthakumar is a student at the University of Utah pursuing a BA in English and Political Science. She is the Politics & Entertainment News Correspondent for HC Utah for 2020-21. When she's not writing you can find her watching old movies, petting friendly cats, and talking about superheroes.
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