Power Moves for Women in Business

Many people don’t realize how much their body language actually says about them. If your words and actions are disparate, it can be confusing to those around you. To help you communicate your words as confidently as possible try these body language hacks.


Power Pose

Widen your stance, and put both hands on your hips to project confidence. This pose can even help you simply feel more self-assured. You can even do it for a minute or two before work to help you start the day with more confidence.

Good posture

Having good posture conveys that you are confident and competent. Try to sit and stand upright with your shoulders back and chin up. Although it might be hard at first the more you practice it, the easier it becomes. If you need serious help with your posture, you can invest in a posture corrector. Plus, having good posture can help your health overall.

Steeple your hands

Use this move to show strength and power, especially while negotiating. To steeple your hands, press your fingers together like a rooftop. Traditionally this is done while sitting but you can also use it while standing. Make sure use this occasionally, because overuse can make you come across as arrogant.

Lightly rest your hands on your face

This move is usually done while sitting to show interest. By showing interest in what others are saying you appear attentive, which will make others reciprocate when you talk. However, be careful not to rest your face on your hands— which can make you seem tired.

Lean forward

Lean forward while sitting to appear engaged in conversations. Your body language will signal to others that you are involved in the current situation. This will also show others that you understand what is going on, so they will be more receptive when you offer insight.

Keep your lips closed

When you aren’t talking or otherwise using your mouth, try to keep your mouth shut. Leaving your jaw-hanging open can make you seem less intelligent, before you actually even say anything. Though this may seem like common sense, make sure to chew with your mouth closed, while eating, because you don’t want to gross anyone out.

Add these actions to your repertoire to help you come across as powerful in the workplace. Be sure to use the ones that feel natural at the moment, and don't try and force any stance that might not pair well with the given situation. Remember, these simple techniques can help others be more responsive to you, and can even help you improve your overall satisfaction with your workplace. 

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