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Podcasts For All: Every Person, Mood, and Interest

Podcasts have taken flight, winning the ears of faithful listeners. There’s a podcast for almost every area of interest. You’re able to listen to them in a variety of mediums: apps, radio, websites, etc. They’re good to listen to on-the-go, taking a break, or even just for fun. Best part is, if you enjoy talking about your favorite niche as much as you like listening about it, it is 100% possible to create your own. 

Here’s a variety of podcasts I have gathered and loved this past year. These might only interest a certain group of people, but remember, there’s a plethora of other programs out there to engage your mind.


1. True Crime

Crime podcasts are one of the most popular categories this year. Ranging from Serial to Cults, you are sure to find a favorite among the rising number of spooky hosts. There are some that focus on one story only, listeners following the hosts as they get to the bottom of the mystery. Serial Killers is one that uses voice actors and real recordings to play out the lives of serial killers from birth to finish. The Vanished follows real reports of missing persons and interviews with those who are still searching for them. Hollywood and Crime follows the Black Dahlia case extremely closely, each detail carefully crafted over Hollywood’s most well-known crime. And if these still don’t pique your interest, there are still many true crime podcasts that just might keep you up at night.

2. Comedy

Get ready to bust your guts with laughter. Comedy podcasts will lift your spirits and make you forget about your worries. Christine Sydelko and Chris Klemens are popping into your feed with Don’t Mess as they talk to Youtubers, C-list celebrities, and experts about anything and everything. They’re blunt and uncensored. Do you ever wonder what MadTv’s Bobby Lee is up to these days? He and his girlfriend have a weekly podcast, TigerBelly, where they talk about Asian American issues in the entertainment industry, sexuality, politics, and more. Living up to his comedian standards, Bobby makes this podcast a true gem. The Queen of Youtube, Jenna, and her partner Julien deliver a program (Jenna and Julien) where they talk about life, sometimes sober sometimes drunk.

3. Tech & Science

This year, I’ve been wanting to learn more outside of the classroom so I started listening to Invisibilia.  Hosted by Alix Spiegel and Hanna Rosin  for NPR, these women talk about ideas and beliefs that shape the human behavior. They start with an abstract idea, and push it until there is meaning behind it. NPR has been my go-to for educational podcasts. They have another one hosted by Guy Raz named, How I Built This. I particularly like this one, because he goes into detail on some of the most well-known companies out there, and how they built their brand. Might give those beginner entrepreneurs a sense of where to begin.

Out of the few that I mentioned, there are plenty more podcasts waiting for listeners. Hopefully you have found a new program today, but keep exploring and happy listening!

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