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A Picky Eater’s Guide To Thanksgiving

If you are anything like me, you are a picky eater. This might include but is not limited to picking out all of the vegetables from your dish, having a weird aversion to meat, or only liking bread. Thanksgiving always poses a challenge to us picky eaters. Whatever food you might be scared of, here are a few tips to survive the big family dinner or a night spent at your significant other’s. 

Fill your plate with food you like 

Although the food you may like is few and far between, there should be at least a couple things you are willing to eat, hopefully. My plate usually consists of one-color palate: beige. I have no shame. Don’t be afraid to fill you plate with food you will eat, even if this means just piling your plate with one or two foods. 

Only dish scoops that avoid things you don’t like (kind of)

This is a trick that I have been using for years. If I want to put more variety on my plate, I will eye the dish and pick a scoop with the least amount of food I hate. For example, if there is something with onions, I will simply try to avoid putting them on my plate. This way there is less to pick out and you are still a polite guest to whoever is hosting you. 

Eat Before 

Thanksgiving is all about eating, spending time with those you are thankful for, and enjoying your time doing it. If you are worried about the dinner, eat before and then eat a smaller portion at your main destination. Since it is a social gathering, nobody will even notice!

Bring a meal to go

Depending on where you are eating your meal at, it may be acceptable to bring a prepared meal. This is a situation you may have to put deep thought into. If this is something that could offend the host, maybe try another one of these tips. However, hopefully the company you are with will understand your dietary needs, and you could even try asking them in advance if that is okay with them.

Being a picky eater at the age of twenty-two is not ideal. To be fair, I have tried everything to get out of my habits but it hasn’t changed and probably never will. Hopefully you can relate or at least laugh with me. Whatever the case may be- eat what you want and enjoy the thanksgiving festivities!

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