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The Perfect Gift Ideas that Won’t Break the Bank

The holidays are waiting right around the corner for everyone! For some this brings excitement and joy, for others it brings stress and anxiety. Many of the holidays coming up traditionally have gift exchanges among friends and family. Even if you and your best friend or family know everything about each other, it can be the hardest thing to try and figure out what to get someone for the holidays. With Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and other shopping occasions coming up, the pressure to purchase materialistic items for everyone you know can be overwhelming financially and mentally.

Many materialistic items come and go, and only give short term pleasure and enjoyment. Now in no way am I boycotting buying materialistic items or going out on Black Friday, I myself will be out and about scavenging for steals. (I’m coming for you Target!). However, a more beneficial way to enjoy the holidays without the burden of financial stress or worries of buying the wrong gift could be to think about why gift giving is a tradition and its purpose. Giving a gift to a loved one is to show appreciation and care for them. And sometimes the best way to show that is by creating a gift ourselves!

Listed below are several gift ideas for the holidays that not only will take off financial stress but will last significantly longer and have a deeper meaning behind them than any item you can buy in a store.

A Scrapbook – No better way to cherish the memories you have with someone than printing out pictures of your adventures together. Most home grocers like Walmart, Target, or Walgreens charge about 10-20 cents per photo, and Target always has cute frames for sell in their dollar aisle!

Notes – I bet we’ve all seen the cute relationship things online where someone gives their S/O some form of notes that say open when you’re sad/ happy/ nervous/ hungry, etc., and have some sort of note or a small present like a gift card or drawing inside. Notes written ahead of time show that you really thought out how to cheer this person up in the future.

Appreciation Box/ Jar – Keep a jar or box with small notes inside detailing the little or big things you love or appreciate about someone. You can also write down funny moments or memories you had with a person so that the memories will stay fresh as they were written.

Memory Box/ Jar – Similar to the previous gift idea, however in this instance you can save physical mementos such as movie stubs or concert tickets in a box or jar to keep the memory of your events alive and with you. My advice for this gift is to never tape over pictures, movie stubs, or tickets because it will make the items quality decrease and fade significantly faster.

Arts and Crafts – I for one greatly appreciate gifts of art, whether made by the person giving it to me or store bought. Expressing your gratefulness for someone through art is a unique and modern way of opening up to how you feel.


I hope these gift ideas were helpful and make you feel less stressed for the Holla-days!

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