An Open Letter To Whoever Vandalized My Car

Hearing my mother tell me there was nothing we could do but move forward didn’t do much to comfort me. In fact, it sent me into hysteria as I sobbed even harder. This seriously couldn’t be happening to me – I was always responsible and made sure to keep all my valuables away from prying eyes. 

After a midterm and prepping for two others, I already wasn't in the best mood when I woke up for work on Saturday morning. I was dreading the long day I had ahead of me but I had to work anyway – otherwise I’ll be completely broke. The instant I got to my car, I felt like something was wrong. Looking inside my car, I noticed that there was glass all over my passenger seat and immediately I looked over to the passenger window. Sure enough, the glass was completely gone and my glove box was open – the only thing left behind was an old car insurance card that had expired in 2016. 

Calling my mother at 7:00 AM on a Saturday made me feel bad, because she works nights and she doesn’t get much sleep anyway. But, I sucked it up and called because I didn't know what else to do. To whoever vandalized my car - thank you for forcing me to sadly explain what was going on to my Mexican mother at 7 AM. On a Saturday. Which is her day off. 

To whoever vandalized my car – thank you for cleaning out my garbage. No, seriously. You probably later looked through all of the things you stole from my car and cringed. Your first mistake was even stealing from me – I don’t carry any valuables in my car and what I do consider “valuable” you probably threw away. You took every single thing in my glove box (minus the old car insurance card). In there, there had been a disgusting amount of greasy receipts from late night runs to McDonalds, probably a thousand gum wrappers, and at least three pairs of broken earbuds. 

Out of everything you took from me there were really only two things that broke my heart – a beautiful pair of Ralph Lauren cashmere driving gloves and my Bluetooth audio connector that allowed me to listen to podcasts during my long drives through the canyon on the weekend. What hurts me the most is that you probably don’t even know how to style those gloves. And that’s what really gets to me. It confuses me that you would even take those. Something gives me a hunch that you don't really know much about fashion - and maybe you're interested. Instead of vandalizing people's vehicles and stealing their belongings maybe you should take up another hobby - flip through some magazines, learn how to make jewelry, read some Her Campus articles. 

What really does confuse me is the items that I first noticed were missing. You’re probably wondering what I do for a job. I work for a home health company – that’s why I had boxes of large amounts of latex gloves in my car. Quick question – why exactly did you take them? It’s not like they’re of any value. In my eyes, they’re a giant waste of time. 

So a quick note – just because somebody drives a nice car doesn’t mean that they carry valuables. I have no money. I hope you enjoy the gloves, the Bluetooth audio connector, and my $3 Old Navy sunglasses. 


A heartbroken college student. 



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