An Open Letter To My Mom


Days pass and I could go without telling you thank you. So, here’s this now, to express my gratitude and appreciation for you.

Thank you for your wisdom. Thank you for your constant support, during my highs and especially in my lows.

Thank you for answering my phone calls so I can call and vent about everything, or nothing at all. Thank you for your constant love I feel from two states away. College has been hard being so far away from you, but you are always there for me. Whether it’s a text or a call, you drop everything to make sure I’m all right.

Thank you for believing in me, when I don’t always believe in myself. The nights when I call you, in panic about the exams I have the next day, you always provide guidance and hope that I will be okay. And even when things don’t go as expected, you always offer me the confidence that I will do better the next time around.

Thank you for constantly reminding me that I’m beautiful. You know I’ve never had much self-confidence and positive body image is hard for me to understand. You constantly remind me that while others and myself may not see it all the time, I am beautiful.

Thank you for keeping me grounded. On the rare occasion things are going my way, you remind me to not give up my best effort, and keep working hard.

Thank you for being the best example of a hard-working woman, and role model I could ever need or want. You put everyone before yourself 100% of the time, and never expect anything in return. You work so hard, and sometimes it goes unnoticed. You don’t get upset, or expect praise; you keep working like you always do.

Thank you for teaching me to be myself. I struggled searching for the woman I would become one day, and you were by my side through it all. You taught me to never change for anyone, because I'm great just the way I am. 

Thank you for giving me everything I’ve always wanted, and more in my life. These 20 years have been so great to me, and you are the reason why.  You have given me more than I could ever imagine, and I am forever indebted to you.

Above all, thank you for being my best friend. I never thought our mother-daughter relationship would be as strong to become best friends, but we are. Since going to college, I think that relationship has grown more, because I’ve realized how much I rely on you for literally everything.

I miss you and love you so much mom, thank you. You are the absolute best.

I love you.