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The One Thing You Really Need This Spring Break

Spring Break is coming up, which means some of you are going to a warm place to tan and drink your troubles away for a blissful 10 days. Which is great!!! Get pumped! Just don’t forget to wear (and reapply) your sunscreen.

Skin cancer isn’t cool.

Protect yourself from the harmful rays! Apply that sunblock! A bronze glow that will make your peers jealous isn’t worth risking your long-term health.

Wrinkles??? Sun damage??? Scarring??? I don’t know her. (But I do know SPF.)

Take! Care! Of! Your! Youthful! Glow! The sun is your skin’s worst enemy!!! That olive tone looks good now, but you’ll be mad when you look like a raisin with liver spots at 50 when your sunscreen-slathered friends still look ageless.**

**It’s proven that people who are able to practice delayed gratification are significantly more successful than those who don’t. Do it for your skin, AND your career.

Protect your young, fresh skin! SPF 50 folks. (SPF 30 minimum if you’re not completely on board.) Reapply it every two hours, and make sure to buy the waterproof type if you’re going to be swimming. Happy spring-breaking! Remember to be safe — especially with your skin.

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Emily Choe

U Mich '21

Emily is the Social Media Director and a writer for the Her Campus U Mich chapter. She enjoys exploring the ideas around love & relationships, popular media, and all things beauty through a feminist perspective.  She/her/hers
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