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OMG is Oatmeal Actually Good?

When was the last time you had oatmeal? If you’re like me, it was probably when you were a tiny child and your parents were still making you eat stuff you considered to be “weird brown mush”. I used to hate it. BUT, recently the oatmeal gods have opened my eyes about this yummy, versatile, breakfast, and I’m here to help you get on board. 


Best Toppings:

No matter what kind of flavors you like, there is an oatmeal combination out there that is right for you. There are options that are good if you like things super sweet, a little savory, or with lots and lots of texture. 

Here are some of the best toppings to try!

Nuts (walnuts or slivered almonds)


Peanut butter

Maple Syrup

Vanilla Yogurt

Brown Sugar

Fruit (apples, bananas, or berries)


You can even add some milk!

Mix and match until you find your perfect oatmeal.


Where to buy ON THE GO:

If you’re out and about and looking for your oatmeal fix, there are lots of places to go that have cheap, healthy, fast options. Here are a few of the best:

Jamba Juice

It’s not just for smoothies anymore kids. Jamba Juice has consistently been killing the game for a long time. In fact, some of their most underrated and non-smoothie snacks are actually their best. Their oatmeal is cheap and they have lots of different options for toppings. You can either get one of their usual options, like the ones in the photo above, OR make it your own. If you decide to pick your own toppings, it comes with two of your choice, but you have the option to add more for a little more money. Overall a VERY good oatmeal option. 


Starbs gets really fancy with their oatmeal. They use a blend of rolled and steel cut oats so you get the satisfying combination of different sizes and textures. There are two different oatmeal options available at Starbucks, the first being their original oatmeal which has dried fruit, a nut medley, and brown sugar as optional toppings. The second option is a hearty blueberry oatmeal that also has agave syrup. So if either if those options sound good to you, Starbucks is your place!

Corner Bakery

Corner Bakery has three options for tasty oats, but only one of them is actually oatmeal. So if you are looking for some muesli or some chilled swiss oats head over to Corner Bakery. The oatmeal option does not disappoint with topping choices including currants, cranberries, brown sugar, walnuts or almonds. As an added bonus it is served with a homemade raisin-pecan sweet crisp.

Where to buy TO MAKE AT HOME:

Trader Joe’s

This oatmeal is SO good and SO easy. It’s my personal go-to and I love it. This oatmeal comes in frozen blocks that you heat up for 3 minutes in the microwave. Once you’ve heated it up you are good to go, add toppings and enjoy!

Whole Foods

Whole Foods has lots of great oatmeal packet options! They have various brands, like 365, but the most fun thing about their oatmeal packets is the seasonal flavors they offer. They have pumpkin spice in the fall and gingerbread around the holidays. With so many fun options, their oatmeals are a must. 


Did you really think I forgot the original king of oatmeal? Well I did NOT. Quaker Oats, sold at most grocery stores, is a classic. They have microwavable packets and oats to cook on the stove. If you are a newbie to the oatmeal world, start here and work your way up. You’ll be glad you tried them!

I know you never thought you’d be reading an article about oatmeal, but aren’t you happy that you did?? It is warm, comforting and filling. You can’t go wrong. So next time you need a quick breakfast on your way to class, make some oatmeal. 

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Kim Davison is a recent graduate from the University of Utah that double majored in Theatre and Communications. She was the President of Her Campus Utah and a Chapter Advisor, a Campus Expansion Assistant and a Her Campus Ambassador Advisor for Her Campus Nationals. Kim loves theatre, event planning, dachshunds and strives to live her life every day to make Leslie Knope proud. She is currently searching to jobs in the media industry and is excited to see where life takes her!
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