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Winter is rough for almost everyone that needs to commute to work or school. The cold wind is constantly bashing against your face, and it doesn’t help that your lips are feeling as dry and cracked as an overdone Thanksgiving turkey. There could be many solutions for dry lips, like moving to a tropical city or soaking your lips in a horrendous Paula Deen-amount of butter. But let’s be real, that just isn’t going to happen. The realistic and most reasonable solution is finding the right balm for those chapped lips.

As a lip balm enthusiast, I thrive to explore all types of brands. Everyone has their own thoughts about which lip balm exceeds expectations based on their experience and wear, so here is a list of the best lip balms some Utah collegiates have used and loved.

1. NIVEA Original Care Lip Balm

This is an OG Nivea product and has garnered many loyal customers over the years. It’s set at a cheap price, but the quality is top-notch. It glides on easily while hydrating the lips for hours.

“Nivea tastes like nothing and feels like nothing, which is really good. I’ve finished every tube I’ve had since 5th grade.” –Michelle Tseung, 23

2. Burt’s Bees Lip Balms

This was a top contender among the women asked. Crafted in 1991 and still a fan favorite years later, Burt’s Bees original (and other scents) lip balm is creamy without heaviness and contains vitamin E and peppermint, which gives off a cooling tingle.

“I use it religiously.” –Kiara Colqui, 20

3.Vaseline Lip Therapy

Petroleum jelly has been used for ages, and humans have used it for a variety of reasons, but mostly to heal and retain moisture. Vaseline is known for their jelly, and people often use it as lip balm, which is why they have a mini version of their jelly just for the lips! Packaged in the cutest 0.25 oz container, their scents include the original, cocoa butter, rose, and crème brulee.

4. Himalaya Herbals Lip Balm

Here’s one that’s been hardly heard of (at least for me). Its reviews on Amazon are all very positive. It gets the job done with healing cracked lips and has a mild, pleasant scent for those who are more sensitive.

“It works great and the price is reasonable, too!” –Minsu Kim, 21

5. Lypsyl Intense Protection

Rather than recommending Glossier’s Balm Dotcom or Hurraw! Balms (both are great but $$$), I happened to pick up Lypsyl on a day I had trouble finding my go-to. What a great choice! I have used up to three tubes since and will continue buying it until the day I die. It’s a little bit on the bigger side of lip balms, but still an easy one to pack and go. Instead of a twist-up, it features a little bee on the side that you can slide up and down. It doesn’t hurt that it’s affordable and minty!

If you’re one to suffer from dry lips during winter, try one of these out or continue to use your personal favorite. Our lips are an important body part that we use for so many things, so remember to take care of them!

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